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last updated: 22.01.20
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10.01.20 Pre-paid BERYL-22 rifles are now in transit ! ETA 7-10 days (Plus proofing). We are now accept deposit for the next shippment due in late February
24.12.19 Back in stock: INERT / Training 7.62x54R 188 SVD Sniper and 5.45x39 AK74 ammunition + PMM bakelite grips are back !
14.12.19 M23 / Tarzan M32 / SOBR / Spetsnaz utility vests are back in 3 basic colours inc Digital Flora at very specail price! Spetsnaz winter jacket and Bekas BDU in Tiger / Kamysh colour
Why AK?
and just 470 rounds by standard milspec M4
14.11.19 7.62mm AKMS is now on SALE! £80 OFF - from just £960
02.11.19 5.56x45 Zastava M21 SBS rifles (adopted by Serbian Special Forces) are available for reservation. ETA - January'20. Don't miss out! Get your AK now!
17.10.19 Linked 5.56x45 and .50 BMG high accuracy ammo available in large quantities !
09.10.19 The all-steel .177 AKM training air rifles - Special Edition are now available EXCLUSIVELY from RusMILITARY !
01.10.19 Both Romanian AKM and AKMS rifles are now available with good quality laminated furniture (Tula Deep Red or Izzy Iodine). Don't miss out! Our supplier's prices grow weekly and will be even higher after Brexit !
31.09.19 ISSC MK22 Commando editorial in September issue of glossy Shooting Sports magazine is now avaialble to buy in all good news agents or read ONLINE in 72 pix resolution!
03.09.19 Serbian Zastava AK rifles have just arrived! Please contact us to arrange viewing
01.09.19 We were closed for summer holidays for 10 days attending shooting ranges in St Petersburg / Russia - All orders received in the last 10 days will be shipped next week from Monday the 2nd September
28.08.19 "Killers Anonymous" movie DVD is now available on Amazon - we are the official armourers in partnership with NDH Firearms
10.07.19 FN SCAR look-alike MK-22 YouTube video has now been published - rifles are available from our UK stock! Plus we can now supply on order 60-r quad stack AK-47 and AR-15 magazines in large quantities to foreign Army and Police - subject to Export Control
02.07.19 AKM angled compensators are back + M-LOK tactical foregrips by FAB Defence. First test of MK22
05.06.19 AK-47 .177 CyberGun BB air rifles with increased power of upto 4.5 Joules are now available as AK-104. We install furniture on order. Shipping to US and Canada is now possible
24.05.19 AKMs are back in stock inc Chinese 56 look-alike plus 7.62x39 Russian Barnaul ammo !
07.05.19 CQB rifle scopes specifically selected by us for use on our Beryl-22 and MK22 rifles are now in stock at a VERY AFFORDABLE price! Plus a new range of tactical polymer furniture for AKM rifles!
05.05.19 EXCLUSIVELY from Rusmilitary - we can now ship all air guns officially via our Dangerous Goods account with one of the biggest international courriers (!) Customers from USA / Canada / Norway etc are welcome to pay by credit cards - all goods are insured and trackable via internet! Shipping prices start from just £30
12.04.19 Deposits from retail and trade customers are now taken for Romanian AKMs (ETA September'19) and Serbian Zastava M05E (ETA June)
28.03.19 EXLUSIVELY from Rusmilitary - Izzy 5.45x39 bakelite mags at £32 (appx $35) + PKM tripods at just £319 and slings at £32
*FREE DELIVERY! to any EU country applies to S-101 SVD bipod / BPO Military binoculars / Baikal MP-654K air pistol ONLY if ordered before the 20th December. Offer is subject to availability

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