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2004-5 Certificate issued by IZHMASH & signed by M.T. Kalashnikov
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last updated: 15.08.17
Authentic Soviet Izhmash S-1 bipod for SVD - 20 pcs only ! (advance payments taken) > IN TRANSIT


15.08.17 Come and join our MudFest boot camp event this weekend just off the A327, right behind the Berkshire Golf Course ! for as little as £5 ! Watch our promotional YouTube video
08.08.17 AKM laminated hand guards + inert RPO-A "Shmel" flamethrower - 2 pieces only from private collection !
28.07.17 INERT PG-7 rocket-propelled grenades with fins ! + POSP 6x24 and 8x42 back in stock from just £319 !! Also available AK47 / AK74 bakelite and polymer magazines. Plus waiting time for Vepr-12 10-r factory mags after panic-buying is now reduced to 2 weeks from the day you make your payment !
30.06.17 EXLUSIVELY from RusMilitary and CrawleySurplusStore - .177 M4 semi-auto air rifle and spare magazines + accessories !
20.06.17 MP-654K copper BBs + multi tool at discounted prices for loyal customers ! + AKM Type 1 bayonets + the Black Russian AKM @ £899 and AKS-74 air gun BACK in STOCK !! + AK74 and AKM laminated butt stocks
07.06.17 BRAND NEW M4A1 .177 semi-auto BB gun at JUST £210 (half the price of CyberGun AK-47 !!!) + PKM 100-r boxes
15.05.17 NEW in stock - AKS/AKMS tactical dust covers + AK74 IZZY plum and black polymer mags + Saiga-12 8-r Rock-and-Lock factory mags and Beta C-Mag (M16 100-r drum)
23.02.17 New generation of shoulder and polymer belt holsters for PM, PMM and Grach just arrived + dedicated AKSU 1-point sling (Made in Russia !)
30.01.17 BAIKAL MP-654K with brown bakelite pistol grip is back ! + spare seals + Vepr-12 laminated HGs and grip + AKM/RPK heavy duty dropcase in forest green + AK47 bakelite Tula mags are back !
24.01.17 VEPR-12 laminated furniture set, AK47 bakelite magazines with reinforced bullet guides are back ! Also brand new - AKSU-type 12 bore flash hider and 50mm half and full chokes for Saiga-12 and Vepr-12
06.01.17 Shooting Sports magazine is on sale from all good retailers - read Arsenal 223 AK editorial !! Plus Zhukov-S stocks from MAGPUL + AKS-74 air rifle !!
30.12.16 AKMS is now available with tactical dust cover and FAB Defence furniture, AKSU and AKS-74U laminated HGs are back !! Plus RPK laminated stock sets. GK-02 muzzle brakes and AK skeleton butts
24.12.16 NEW: AR15-type collapsible buttstocks and adaptors for AK, Magpul and FAB Defence tactical furniture and magazines
02.12.16 We can now offer the following guns to traders / gun shops: SVD / AKM/S / Yunker-4. Terms and Conditions apply
18.11.16 AK-47 (Type 56 CyberGun) air rifles are back in stock from @ £349 + new range of AKM laminated wood stock sets !! Section1 AKM buyers - take note !! Stocks are limited...
25.10.16 MP-654K Gen-1 spare magazines, 7.62mm RPK47 bakelite mags, 223 AK mags in black and clear plastic, AK  gas tubes, AK74 plum and bakelite Tula mags, 24x1.5 Saiga MK muzzle brakes + Gorka-3 bdu in more sizes / colours
17.10.16 EXCLUSIVELY FROM RUSMILITARY SEC-1 Romanian AKMs with fixed wooden butt stock just arrived + POSP 8x42 scopes + AK-74M (Yunker-4) air rifles now available for just £456 ! + Baikal MP-654K Limited Edition + some more MP-654K spares
02.09.16 RPK-74 black polymer mags and the original AK74 wooden butt stocks are back !
12.08.16 NEW and RE-CONDITIONED Soviet SVD wood and cheek pads just arrived at a very good price.. hurry + Polish AK47 black and clear polymer magazines + new stock of Gorka-3 and Gorka-4 BDUs in Osen colour
27.07.16 BACK in stcok: AK47 bakelite Tula mags and AK74 Izhmash Plum mags + INERT RPG-22 rocket launchers and MON-50 mines !
11.07.16 £/$ exchange rate at present is 1.3 (!) - the best in 30 years for customers ourside the EU ! inc U.S.A. / Canada / NZ etc. Don't delay - buy now !!!
08.06.16 EXCLUSIVELY from RusMilitary - AK-100 recoil pads for side-folding solid polymer AK/Saiga butt stocks - 150 pieces only ! Don't miss out
16.05.16 Just arrived - R-407 radio station, INERT / Training RGN-IM and RG-42 hand grenades, Russian Marines' AK slings , Gorka-3 BDUs in some different colours and sizes !!
14.04.16 PKM belt-loading machines !! + PKM 100-r and 200-r belt boxes (magazines) with belts

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