2004/5 Certificate issued by IZHMASH & signed by M.T. Kalashnikov

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last updated: 26.03.15

Brand-new range of Russian-made leather holsters and mag pouches for Yarygin, Mak PM / PMM + VEPR-12 mag pouch belt, "Night" 24x1.5 AK mini suppressor, IZH-79 mags > IN TRANSIT

More 7.62x54R SVD sniping rifles > LATE MARCH

DE-ACTIVATED Bison-2, AK-74, AK-74M, AK-103 (Type MMG) > LATE MARCH

New Bulgarian Arsenal AKs (AR-M1 / AR-M2F) + factory 30-r mags > MAY

26.03.15 JUST ARRIVED: IZH-79 trigger springs, "Trigalight" night-time sight systems for AK, 3 new types of 24x1.5 and 14mm AK muzzle brakes from Tactika Tula, SVD / PKM canvas dropcases, fire selector levers from Armacon - detials and images to be published over this weekend !!
17.03.15 EXCLUSIVELY from RusMilitary - Izhmash AK74 bakelite and Bulgarian magazines in black from just £22 each ($28) in new unissued condition.. Hurry - we only have 150 pieces in stock !!
23.02.15 IN STOCK - used UK Police bodyarmour from as little as £59, AK dust covers, Saiga Type SVD polymer buttstocks, AKM and AK74 laminated handguards
19.01.15 BACK IN STOCK - SVD light oak ply-wood furniture sets at £295 ($380) ! Plus prices for VEPR-12 start at just £1,495 !! M4 PARKAs are now 15% cheaper !!
Pls note: RUSMILITARY is not politically involved in current crisis in Ukraine. Our own workforce and suppliers include both Russians and Ukrainians. We are ONE nation !
17.01.15 NEW / Unissued condition AK74 Izhmash and Tula polymer magazines in PLUM from just £19 ($26) ! Hurry - stocks are limited !! Plus PKM 100-r ammo boxes with belts avaialble in large quantities !! Plus KOBRA red dot sights are back !! and brand new Patriot side rail mounts
30.12.14 Just arrived 177 Gletcher TRS 24/7 and KWC M712 blow-back. Plus AK-74 / AKM bayonets in black and AKM laminated handguards are back !
10.12.14 FREE 10-r factory magazine with each VEPR-12 shotgun purchsed in December !!
12.11.14 GEN-4 BAIKAL MP-654K air pistols are now available in Nickel !! and are being converted for use with silencer !! (£174 / £339 with silencer)
01.10.14 Just arrived: AK-47 blank ammo, AK 4-pc polymer furniture in Plum and black + SVD 5-r mags. Register your interest in Spetsnaz and KZP winter parkas 
15.09.14 VEPR-12 magazines are now available from stock + AKS and Saiga-12 skeleton buttstocks are back at old good price + VEPR-12 shotguns + VEPR-12 bolt heads as spares! + AK folding dust cover with Picatinny rail and cheek pad for folding buttstocks (AKMS owners take note !) + AK magwell and quick-response mag pouch

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