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last updated: 28.09.23
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25.09.23 BACK IN STOCK - DShK belt boxes @ £199 and AKS-74 folding butt stocks £135. AK recoil springs and laminated furniture sets
18.08.23 NEW PRODUCT - GP-25 and M203 under barrel grenade launchers for both airsoft and air rifles adapted to fire pyrotechnics by TAG Inn. Back in stock - PMM (MP-654K Gen-4) 10-R double stack mags @ £79 and bakelite pistol grips @ £45 + some spares
22.07.23 IN STOCK - AK-74 / AK-103 Izzy factory magazines + SVD recoil pads
12.04.23 NEW in stock ST-3 bipods, VOMZ AK and NPZ SVD siderail brackets
30.03.23 Zastava M05 E1 and E3 rifles have arrived and are being proofed! Pre-paid orders will ship next week. Best scope for 100-300m ranges is a red dot with 5x magnification - Immersive Optics. NEW - AKMS rear sight base Picatinny rails and Finish-made Ace Utra 14mm LH suppressors
08.03.23 SVD/TIGR factory polymer stock sets are back + AKS-74 and AK-74M butt stocks will be back by the end of March
12.12.22 M4 parkas are now £30% cheaper + Klyaksa snow oversuits are still available.. the last few! + Ushanka fur hats. Baikal pistol cases are back
29.10.22 Some spares for Makarov MP-654K are back in stock inc GEN-4 (PMM) wooden and bakelite military pistol grips, air bulb valves and seals
24.09.22 JUST arrived -extremely rare NSV - KORD HMG tripod and mount! ST-1 bipods and AK rear sight removal tool + inert 2A42 rounds in factory tin + inert TM-62M AT mines
25.08.22 NEW batch of deactivated Makarovs with moving slide, trigger and hammer has just arrived - EXCELLENT CONDITION! + PGO-7 scopes for RPG-7 + AK74M stock set
17.08.22 All recent orders of S-101 bipods have been shipped! NPZ ALFA Picatinny adaptors will be shipped next week from our EU branch in Czech Republic
Our landline phone changed to + 44 (0)1344 752 753 on the 31st of July!
15.08.22 Our Firearms products are now under a new onwership / All firearms orders will be processed by a new licensed owner. We also have a number of BB pistols and AK-47 rifles on sale privately which can be shipped directly to your address, saving you £25 transfer fee. Age / ID varification still applies. Payment by bank transfer only. Please contact us for more details
25.06.22 BACK in stock - AKM wooden furniture + AK-47 CyberGun Co2 bb air rifle + NEW FN M4A1 and M4 RIS including those with increased power + AKSU bb rifle! + AK front sight adjusting tool + price reduction on red lasers and airsoft PKP
TRADE ONLY: AK47 drum and AR15 double drum mags / AR15-M4 30-R and 60-R polymer double-stack mags / Glock-17 17-R and 50-R mags. Minimum order -20 pieces
03.06.22 NEW in stock - INERT 30mm 2A72 ammo as seen on BTR-82A and BMPT Terminator combat vehicles
20.05.22 As a result of the latest global political and economical situation, we were forced to introduce new pricing, payment and delivery policies for certain goods - SVD polymer stock set, S-101 bipods, NPZ Picatinny adaptors, AK-12 parts kits and AKM bakelite magazines
12.05.22 Romanian AKMS rifles have arrived. Also available: scopes, mounts and steel, polymer, bakelite and 75-R drum magazines + 7.62x39 GECO FMJ ammunition available on order. Collection in person from Monday 16th May
22.04.22 NEW in stock - 75-R RPK/AK47 and 50-R GLock-17 drum magazines
21.12.21 NEW in stock - SVD polymer stock set + MP-654K smooth barrels and long firing pins to increase power + spare magazines. AK-12 parts kits + deactivated Makarovs with some moving parts! + deactivated Bulgarian AKMS rifles with moving bolt carrier / field-strippable coming soon + INERT RPG-7
19.11.21 Prices reduced for - M4 winter jackets and Gorka-3 bdu
26.10.21 Today our pre-Brexit import of Nickel and blued Baikal MP-654K GEN-4 (T17 / T18) pistols was finally retrived from the clutches of UK Border Force after 10 months of political and legal wrangling! NEW PRODUCT> LCT PKP Pecheneg airsoft GPMG!
03.10.21 Brand new Taiga-410 and ASP-12 semi-auto shotguns are available for reservation. ETA - December. New AKM laminated stock sets and G-Tech tactical stock sets are in stock! + NEW 40mm airsoft grenade launcher pistol and TAG grenades
01.10.21 Deactivated Soviet 5.45mm AKS-74U rifles are now available with NEW "OLD SPECs" - Moving bolt carrier / field strippable !

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