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2004/5 Certificate issued by IZHMASH & signed by M.T. Kalashnikov

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last updated: 05.02.16

SVD laminated stock sets > JUST ARRIVED !

Private Collection sale: PKM deact inc tripod (£1370), AGS-17 deact (£5000), DShK vehicle mount by AEI Systems (£1000) > IN STOCK

177 APS with detachable butt stock / holster > SOLD OUT before arrival..


Our annual Shooting VIDEO featuring AR-M1 / AR-M2F > early FEB (sorry for delay - we are trying to make it better then all previous videos ! :)

Expeditionary Machete + Sapper's machete > FEB

18.01.16 Your last chance to purchase SVD with laminated wooden stock set (the last set will be sold today at 5pm)
06.01.16 BACK in stock: AK74 and AKM laminated stock sets, 177 MP-654K air pistol in black is back and goes on sale until the end of January for JUST £135 (!) + SVD cleaning kits + NEW - DShK service kits

17.12.15 Brand-new 177 Pellet version of Gletcher Nagant revolvers W/ rifled barrels and Mosin M1944 full-size replica rifles have just arrived in limited quantities.. Ideal x-mas present for comrade Corbyn - somebody tell his family.. Back in stock: AK47 Para alloy mags ! + collectable INERT 9M111-2 Fagot and Yugo M80 anti-tank launchers

02.12.15 New Bulgarian Arsenal AKs (AR-M1 / AR-M2F) + factory 30-r mags have arrived. Rifles were proofed yesterday by London Proof House and now ready for despatch / collection
FREE DVD - The 9th Company (2005) with each AK rifle purchased before X-mas. This modern day war movie on a par with Hollywood blockbusters like "Full Metal Jacket" and "Platoon" is based on real events unfolded in 1988, when 39 Soviet soldiers held "Height 3234" agaist 400 Afghan rebels.. CLICK to view music video - Soldier by "Lyube" based on this movie
11.11.15 JUST ARRIVED: new range of 14mm and 24x1.5 muzzle brakes from Tactika Tula + AKS skeleton butt stocks are back !
28.09.15 BACK IN STOCK > Romanian AKM and AKMS rifles !! Also exclusively from RusMilitary - POSP 8x42VD Independent Focus scopes for your recently purchased SVD rifle. Plus AK-47 gas tubes, AKM dust covers and AKS-74U handguards
PP9 Klin aka Tyrex SMG supplied by us to the latest Johan Falk Swedish TV series.. Watch shooting scenes on YouTube
19.08.15 GEN-4 MP-654K pistol in Nickel is now on sale until the end of August for just £149 + spare mags at special price from £55 !!
06.08.15 BACK IN STOCK: just a few.. AKM laminated stock sets with wooden pistol grip - future AKM straight-pull buyers - take note ! Also available - SVD laminated stock sets !!
14.07.15 JUST ARRIVED: SVD laminated stock sets, SVD 4-mag pouches, VEPR-12 steel PSG magwells and AK bakelite pistol grips in light marble
09.07.15 NEW: INERT PG-7 rocket-propelled grenades + MORE AKM laminated butt stocks, handguards + AK74 handguards are now available .. hand-picked to provide the best quality and colour match possible

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