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2004-5 Certificate issued by IZHMASH & signed by M.T. Kalashnikov
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last updated: 10.09.18
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23.08.18 BERYL-22 rifles are now in transit and will be available to our customers, who made a reservation earlier. We are now taking deposits for the next delivery in November. YouTube video to follow shortly..
10.08.18 NPO AEG RPG-22 conversion unit to fire TAG grenades ! + 223 Beryl green-grey clear plastic magazines are in stock
31.07.18 SVD factory polymer furniture (2 sets only) + NPZ Alpha mounts + AKM CyberGun air rifles and Malyutka missiles are back !
12.06.18 BACK in stock: museum quality AK-74 and AKM laminated hand guards + project "Beryl M22" is back ! - imported on order. New YouTube video coming up next week (!) - Why silenced MP-654K is more acurate..
30.05.18 Baikal Makarov air pistols shipped worldwide ! Including United States, Canada, New Zealand, EU Europe
05.05.18 Both AK47 Izzy and Tula bakelite mags are back. Thank you for your patience ! + RPK47 40-r steel mags
26.04.18 Available by special order: PBS-1 suppressors from £425. Limited Edition Camo and Nickel MP-654K are back. Latest batch of MP-654K in black comes with brown Star grip as standard !
15.04.18 BACK in stock: Saiga-410 factory 10-r magazines + 6mm Gletcher TT GBB nad Nagant Revolver in black and Nickel
28.03.18 AK-105 Yunker air rifle now in stock @ £535
27.03.18 AK47 bakelite Tula mags are back ! Plus high-end ALPHA mounts for AK/Saiga and POSP scopes
23.02.18 Authentic S-1 bipods have finally arrived - 20 units only ! Pre-paid orders will be shipped next week (thank you for your patience !). Price: £599 ($675) + AKM / AK47 canvas dropcases + quick-fit AK siderails
17.01.18 Back in stock - MP-654K low profile silencer kits and spare magazines ! + Beryl 223 mags are back !
05.01.18 Also available a large quantity of hi-cap AK mags including black RPK74 at just £65 ($72) and limited quantity of 60-r quad stack magazines. MP-654K spare magazines are back + RPK47 Russian drums from Molot !! - DON'T miss out on latest AKM laminated sets !!
09.12.17 Specialist Sniper ammunition for SVD and Mosin Nagant - marked 188/77 for just £62 a 100 !!
31.10.17 Back in stock - AKM angled compensators. LATEST UPDATES ON VEPR-12 10-r factory magazines - JUST ARRIVED ! But only to cover 70% of pre-paid orders. Second batch is in transit. Tracking numbers will be sent out within 48 hours !
10.10.17 223 AK-47 W/ dark oak wooden furniture is back + 223 Beryl mags to match at just £36 ! AK and SVD POSP 8x42 and 6X24 rifle scopes are back ! AK47 and SVD ammunition is back

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