2004/5 Certificate issued by IZHMASH & signed by M.T. Kalashnikov

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last updated: 16.10.14

VEPR-12 shotguns > IN STOCK

7.62x54R SVD sniping rifles > IN TRANSIT

Spetsnaz and KZP winter jackets + M21 BDU in Digital Flora > 30th OCT

DE-ACTIVATED AK-74, AK-74M, AK-103 (Type MMG) available for reservation at discounted prices > ETA - NOV


01.10.14 Just arrived: AK-47 blank ammo, AK 4-pc polymer furniture in Plum and black + SVD 5-r mags. Register your interest in Spetsnaz and KZP winter parkas
15.09.14 VEPR-12 magazines are now available from stock + AKS and Saiga-12 skeleton buttstocks are back at old good price + VEPR-12 shotguns + VEPR-12 bolt heads as spares! + AK folding dust cover with Picatinny rail and cheek pad for folding buttstocks (AKMS owners take note !) + AK magwell and quick-response mag pouch
25.08.14 BACK in stock in limited quantitires - AK74 and AKS-74U laminated handguards + BRAND NEW Glock-17 and M16 drum mags. Batch No 3 of Vepr-12 magazines has now been shipped - please be patient - all orders are despatched in strict order ! Also in stock - VEPR-12 picatinny grips + brand new Gletcher series SW, M1891 and Colt 1911 air guns are now in stock ! Custom-made trunions for CyberGun AK-47
30.07.14 New stock of EFA holsters just arrived + VEPR-12 8-r and 10-r magazines are now available in unlimited quantites due to regular supply from our Moscow-based representitive (twice a month)..
17.07.14 BACK in stock: TGP-V sound suppressor for SVD, Molot's RPK-74 45-r mags and Paras AK-47 alloy magazines, AK charging handles, DTK muzzle brakes and AK 14mm / 24x1.5 thread adaptors
17.07.14 VEPR-12 shotguns will be back in August in limited quantity.. Reserve yours ASAP (!) as 10-r mags and GK-01 muzzle bakes are now in short supply ! AK-47 CyberGun is now available with bakelite magazine, AKM furniture and gas tube. Gletcher P08 spare mags + Grach / Mak Legends speed- loaders just arrived..
26.05.14 Section 1 AKM are now available in Polish wood and black polymer + + PRICES REDUCED ON ALL AIRGUNS ! + all popular deacts with moving parts are coming back !!! You are welcome to reserve yours at discounted prices !


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Schmeisser AR-15 (M4)
Watch GK-01 in action
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