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last updated: 24.11.21
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22.11.21 Romanian AKM and AKMS rifles are now proofed, packed and ready to be shipped to the UK from Europe, but our Export License has been delayed. This may change any day from next week, so please prepare your payments by bank transfer or credit card ASAP!

19.11.21 Prices reduced for - M4 winter jackets and Gorka-3 bdu
26.10.21 Today our pre-Brexit import of Nickel and blued Baikal MP-654K GEN-4 (T17 / T18) pistols was finally retrieved from the clutches of UK Border Force after 10 months of political and legal wrangling! NEW PRODUCT> LCT PKP Pecheneg airsoft GPMG!
03.10.21 Brand new Taiga-410 and ASP-12 semi-auto shotguns are available for reservation. ETA - December. New AKM laminated stock sets and G-Tech tactical stock sets are in stock! + NEW 40mm airsoft grenade launcher pistol and TAG grenades
01.10.21 Deactivated Soviet 5.45mm AKS-74U rifles are now available with NEW "OLD SPECs" - Moving bolt carrier / field strippable !
28.07.21 AKS-74U Co2 177 BB air rifles are back in stock! (GEN-2 with improved air valves). Unfortunately Brexit created some very difficult and pricy trading conditions with Europe, hence a 15% price increase is now due.. 10 pieces only in stock - hurry! RGD-5 hand grenades from TAG are back in stock + FBG-6 flash bang grenades
We are open for Click-n-Collect FIREARMS and AIRGUNS sales. From 1st of January all prices for EU customers are 20% less - VAT tax FREE!
16.07.21 Baikal MP-654K / MP-658K spare magazines and spare seals are back ! + Saiga-410 polymer factory mags, AK-19 stock sets and AK12/15 dust covers + NEW RANGE of CQB type sights from Immersive Optics are now in stock!
20.06.21 Our new range of quality-built all-steel 177 Co2 air rifles promoted as The Ultimate Airgun Collection is now represented by three brands: Soviet AKM / Russian AK-15 / AK-104 with tactical HGs and MagPul Zhukov folding stock set!
06.05.21 NEW - a selection of REPLICA silencers for airsoft and air / bb AK rifles and deactivated rifles + back in stock - 1P21 scopes in very limited quantities! + M4 blank firing kits
15.03.21 NEW in stock - AKM laminated furniture sets, GK-03 shotgun muzzle brakes / AK47 - AKM Strela muzzle brakes + Ghost flash hiders are back in stock. Also AKMS cheek pads and magwells + DTK-4 Kochevnik sound suppressors for AK-47 air rifles
10.03.21 NEW in stock: 223 GALIL magazines. Back in stock - AK47 air rifles + AKM training bb rifles! + spare magazines + brand new AK-103 bb rifles
24.01.21 VEPR-12 10-R magazines have just arrived at £105 ($120) + 223 Saiga and AK-12 / 5.45x39 Saiga / AK74 Izzy mags + 10-R / 75-R Molot drums! and 5.45mm IZZY AK-12 mags

11.12.20 A decision to ban all lever release rifles by the UK government is now coming into force and an Offensive_Weapons Act compensation scheme is now accessible to the owners. You can claim up to £4,500 per a rifle! So why not to invest in one of our beautiful AK47 rifles including those semi-automatics of .22LR cal. After all... it's Christmas ! New Page: USED_GUNS

05.12.20 NEW(!) - TGP-V replica sound suppressors for SVD sniper rifles + SVD 10-R magazines are back at £79 each!
10.11.20 Due to public demand, we have imported our first batch of new generation of BLOW BACK 177 Co2 Baikal Makarov pistols - the all-steel MP-658K ! NOW IN_STOCK ! + all Co2 NBB Bailkal Makarovs are now available with optional 4J power upgrade at extra £39 installed - EXCLUSIVELY from Rusmilitary! + AK47 slabside / Paratrooper's Waffle mags and AKS skeleton folding butts are back! + NEW! SVD mount bY NPZ Shvabe (aka NPZ Alfa) + SVD Soviet cheek pads in Brown and Red + laminated AKM stock sets !
21.10.20 Kobra collimator RED Dot sights are back for just £449 + authentic Izhmash AK-74M folding butt stocks are back + AK Izhmash rear sigth plates + RPD service kits + Makarov service holsters to fit MP-654K GEN-5
14.08.20 NEW RANGE of super compact .22 silencers has replaced our old stock. Brand new factory deactivated RPG-7 grenade launchers are now available with London Proof House marks ! - NEW CONDITION! + AKM wooden and bakelite pistol grips are back! + 9K32M Strela-2M tubes are back at just £539!
21.07.20 177 Co2 M4 CQB rifles with increased power (500+ fps) are now available with silencers @ £47. INERT 9M111-M and 9M113 tubes available from stock! Long awaited 7.62 Soviet bakelite (Tula) / Polish (WBP) and 223 AK (Beryl) magazines have just arrived! - don't miss out! + inert F1 hand grenades

10.07.20 Authentic AKM laminated stock sets are back ! Hence two Soviet AKM and two AKMS rifles become availalbe. Plus black SVD cheek pads / Soviet AKSU canvas slings / dropcases / 4-mag belt pouches

19.05.20 Molot RPK-47 drum magazines are back ! + PG-7VR tandem rockets + the last 5 tripods for PKM machine guns are still available !
14.03.20 NEW version of .177 AK-104 training air rifle is available from stock from just £695! CLICK to view all-steel component parts! Plus latest Zastava rifles as you've never seen them before. Plus INERT ammunition and speed loaders
06.03.20 5.56x45 Zastava M21 SBS rifles (adopted by Serbian Special Forces) are now IN STOCK! Plus spare magazines and very rare earlier M21 S one-piece foregrip with gas tube to be fitted on order!
06.03.20 NEW> Independently imported Thanator 1-8x24 CQB scopes @ £294 to be fitted on both Beryl-22 and Zastava M21
14.02.20 Pre-paid BERYL-22 rifles are now proofed and ready for collection. Demo rifle is availabe for new customers - please get in touch to arrange viewing
28.01.20 BACK in stock: 177 Baikal MP-654K V32 (Gen5), Gletcher M1891 and M1944 rifles + APS Gold! Also black polymer AK furniture and AK47 60-r quad stack magazines + 5.45mm AK74 magazines
24.12.19 Back in stock: INERT / Training 7.62x54R 188 SVD Sniper and 5.45x39 AK74 ammunition + PMM bakelite grips are back !
06.02.20 We can now offer a cheaper version of 177 M4A1 air rifle - Hellboy @ jsut £199 with 500fps power upgrade + power upgrade spare magazines @ £59 each. The ultimate NPZ Alpha AK side rail mount is available in large quantities
Why AK?
  and just 470 rounds by standard milspec M4
09.10.19 The all-steel .177 AKM training air rifles - Special Edition are now available EXCLUSIVELY from RusMILITARY !

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