2004/5 Certificate issued by IZHMASH & signed by M.T. Kalashnikov

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last updated: 29.05.15

SVD cheek pads, Saiga-410 10-r mags and Saiga 223 30-r mags > IN TRANSIT

7.62x54R SVD sniping rifles > IN TRANSIT

SVD wooden butts, complete AKM 4-pcs laminated furniture sets > MAY / JUNE

New Bulgarian Arsenal AKs (AR-M1 / AR-M2F) + factory 30-r mags > AUGUST

28.05.15 Arriving shortly in limited quantities: SVD cheek pads, Saiga-410 10-r mags (£59) and Saiga 223 30-r mags (£56) - don't miss out !! We also have some GEN-5 Baikals taken apart for spare parts..
26.05.15 BACK in stock in limited quantities: AKM wooden butt stocks, AK charging handle extentions
08.05.15 JUST ARRIVED: authentic Russian DShK ammo boxes with 50-r belts / links and mount attachment in new condition at just £119. Also in stock: deactivated AKS-74U, AK-103 assault rifles
02.05.15 NEW: AKM slings in Mustard colour and Molot rifled chokes. Also LAST CHANCE to get £50 off the cost of Bulgarian AKS-47 and AK-47 and get 2 FREE 30-r magazines !!! if paid before Friday 1st May
22.04.15 NEW IN STOCK: collectable AK-47 mag pouches for 5 mags, Saiga-12 8-r magwell mags (compatible with Vepr-12 shotguns)
08.04.15 Brand-new range of Russian-made leather holsters and mag pouches for Yarygin, Mak PM / PMM + VEPR-12 mag pouch belt, "Night" 24x1.5 AK mini suppressor just arrived..
26.03.15 JUST ARRIVED: IZH-79 trigger springs, "Trigalight" night-time sight systems for AK, 3 new types of 24x1.5 and 14mm AK muzzle brakes from Tactika Tula, PKM / SVD canvas dropcases, fire selector levers from Armacon
17.03.15 EXCLUSIVELY from RusMilitary - Izhmash AK74 bakelite and Bulgarian magazines in black from just £22 each ($28) in new unissued condition.. Hurry - we only have 250 pieces in stock !! + Mags in Plum from Izhmash and Tula
Pls note: RUSMILITARY is not politically involved in current crisis in Ukraine. Our own workforce and suppliers include both Russians and Ukrainians. We are ONE nation !
23.02.15 IN STOCK - used UK Police bodyarmour from as little as £72, AK dust covers, Saiga Type SVD polymer buttstocks, AKM and AK74 laminated handguards
17.01.15 NEW / Unissued condition AK74 Izhmash and Tula polymer magazines in PLUM from just £19 ($26) ! Hurry - stocks are limited !! Plus PKM 100-r ammo boxes with belts avaialble in large quantities !! Plus KOBRA red dot sights are back !! and brand new Patriot side rail mounts

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