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Buy from us ! ..because we do the sight adjustment, fit the magazine properly and line it up with the barrel... and most importantly we test-shoot each Baikal & evaluate the accuracy on a scale of 2: Good or Very Good ! ..before sending it to you, the customer >>

.177 MAKAROV look-alike air pistol (BAIKAL MP-654K)

Baikal MP-654K (Gen4) is a semi-automatic .177 (4.5mm) Co2 air pistol designed for close-range target shooting. 80% of Baikal's parts are genuine Makarov pistol parts and this is why the upper slide can be pulled back to cock the trigger, just like on its 9mm version. The package also includes 200 BBs, spare airbulb seal & manuals. Optional 'quick-response' belt holters are available. (NO LICENCE REQUIRED). Gen4 Baikals have a wider pistol grip to accommodate a Co2-carrying magazine which imitates a wider 10-r double-stack magazine. Gen-4 Mak is currently avaialble in Nickel (NO black/ blued)
IN STOCK >> GEN-4 Russian version / Nickel / £149
IN STOCK >> GEN-4 + low-profile silencer kit / £319
Baikal MP-654K (Gen5) is based on a narrower frame of the authentic Soviet Makarov pistol designed to take a single-stack 8-r magazine and Soviet bakelite brown pistol grip and this is why Gen5 magazine will only fit Gen5 pistol. The milled upper slide is also the authentic Soviet Makarov one with an extractor slot (pre-2003 spec). The slide weighs 245g which is 44g heavier then Gen-4's (201g). CLICK to view Gen5 taken apart
IN STOCK >> GEN-5 Soviet version / £159
IN STOCK >> GEN-5 + low-profile silencer kit / £317
Baikal MP-654K LOW PROFILE SILENCER KIT - offers threading inside the barrel to take a low-profile silencer via 1/2"x20 UNF adaptor. This kit is the ultimate combination of all CNC-ed steel parts which allows the iron sight to stay above the silencer, hence not blocking the aiming line and to hide the silencer thread inside the barrel in order to keep its original Makarov look. Price includes: low-profile silencer (£72), adaptor (£43) & threading inside the barrel (£43). We also can convert the barrels of all other Baikals sold earlier at slightly higher prices (see below) by mail order. Pls send the barrel or the whole pistol to our warehouse address (Print-out barrel replacement manuals in PDF format)
IN STOCK >> low-profile 1/2x20 UNF steel silencer / £72
IN STOCK >> adaptor + threading / £92
Calibre / ammo, mm
4.5 (.177) BB
Energy, Joul
Muzzle velocity, m/s (fps)
120 (360)
Max shooting range, m
Magazine capacity, BBs
Dimensions, mm
Weight, kg
double action
MP-654K spare mag / Gen-4* / £55-00
* Gen-4 mag fits the latest Nickel Gen-4 pistol only due to the absence of mag guide slots at the top  
MP-654K spare mag / Gen-5 / £59-00
MP-654K 5pcs spares set / £34-00
MP-654K O-ring / £3-00
MP-654K spare seals set (7pcs) / £3-95
MP-654K spare seals / 2 sets / £7-90
Speed-loader for GEN-4 mag / £11-50
Bakelite GEN-4 pistol grip to replace the original black / W-30mm / £29-00
Wooden GEN-4 pistol grip to replace the original black / W-35mm / £29-00
Long airbulb screw W/ swivel / £4-95
Concealed screw to lock airbulb / £5-95
3J air valve / £12-00
Air valve saddle / £7-95
Air bulb valve / £9-50
Firing pin for MP-654K / £4-95
IZH-79 hammer spring* / £15-00
IZH-79 10-r mag** / £29-95
Mak 8-r mag** / £19-95
Inert 9mm Makarov round / £2-00 each
12gr Co2 bulbs (Pack of 5) / £4-50
Steel BBs (appx 435pcs) w/copper coating / £3-50
pistol presentation case in adventurous Desert/Tan or black colour @ just £19
* increases power by 15% by providing more pressure on firing pin & delivering more air pressure into the barrel
** if coupled with MP-654K, it is ideal as an aid in training of security personnel in object-recognition when using x-ray (airports etc). 8-r mag fits Gen-5 only while 10-r IZH-79 mag fits Gen-4 only
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< Click to view Baikal in action © RusMILITARY
< Click to view silenced Baikal in action (01.07.12)
Gen-5 / 2012 boxed / £115 SN: 12508037
Gen-5 / 2012 boxed / £115 SN: 12506156
Gen-5 / 2012 boxed / £115 SN: 12509852
Gen-5 / 2012 NO box / £99 SN: 12509919
Gen-2 / 2000 / black / NO mag - NO box / £69 SN: T0058409
Gen-2 / 2000 / black / NO mag - NO box / £69 SN: T0074500
GEN-5 BreakerYard
We have just disassembled a few MP-654K GEN-5 pistols for spare parts. If you need anything e-mail for quotation -


Dear Oleg, Yesterday I received my order with ****** courier. I feel obliged to thank you for all. It is an excellent gun from every point. Your tests proved to be more than accurate. Excellent service from your side. Please wait for my further purchases in the very near future. Thanking you again, With Best Regards, Efstathios Maniadis. CEO MMS SA (E-mail from GREECE / Nov'14)

Hey I have to tell you this, that Mak you sold me is fantastic. I put a small washer over the breach so that there is no gap at all between the magazine and the breach, therefore no gas leakage, and so a bit more power is gained. It was already really powerfull though. Around 400 fps. With the washer it went upto 450 fps. Then I put the silencer adaptor on and that added 20 fps. I think it will be over 500 fps with the silencer fitted. And if it is quiet too, it's got to be the best ever Co2 pistol. Nearly 4 ft lbs fabulous. (Text from Tom / 08.04.14)

Conditions of purchase in the UK (MAIL ORDER): NO LISENCE REQUIRED ! but in accordance with Violent Crime Reduction Act (Section 33: Age limits for purchase etc of air weapons), from October 2007 customers are required to prove their age when purchasing this product in person (18 years of age or over) ! The transaction of an airgun is to be conducted face-to-face or through your nearest airgun or firearms shop/ retailor. A document confirming your age will be required on collection of an airgun. The above law does not apply to customers overseas. To find your nearest Air Gun retailor search or come and collect by appointment from our storage in Wokingham (just 35min drive from West London or 45 min by train from Waterloo by Reading service). Mail order sale of airgun silencers, replacement barrels and BB ammunition to over 18 ONLY! You MUST confirm your age by e-mail or in writing

EU / Europe: airguns can be shipped safely to any European country an average cost of £35. All parcels are insured and trackable via internet

USA / Canada / New Zealand / Non-EU (inc Norway & Switzerland) markets: the above airgun can ONLY be shipped by sea / surface - (airlines refuse to take it on board). Acceptable payment methods: direct BANK TRANSFER or CASH via

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