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BLACK STAR (.177 BAIKAL MP-654K / PMM frame)

Price: £189-00


Baikal MP-654K (Gen-4) is now available in limited quantities as Limited Edition. GEN-4 is based on newer PMM Makarov with wider grip to accommodate a 10-r double-stack magazine
IN STOCK> GEN-4 / Nickel / with black STAR grip / No EU proof marks / £175
SOLD OUT > GEN-4 / CAMO / £175
SOLD OUT > GEN-4 / Black (blued) w/ fake silencer / £185


Dear Oleg, Yesterday I received my order with courier. I feel obliged to thank you for all. It is an excellent gun from every point. Your tests proved to be more than accurate. Excellent service from your side. Please wait for my further purchases in the very near future. Thanking you again, With Best Regards, Efstathios Maniadis. CEO MMS SA (E-mail from GREECE / Nov'14)

Hey I have to tell you this, that Mak you sold me is fantastic. I put a small washer over the breach so that there is no gap at all between the magazine and the breach, therefore no gas leakage, and so a bit more power is gained. It was already really powerfull though. Around 400 fps. With the washer it went upto 450 fps. Then I put the silencer adaptor on and that added 20 fps. I think it will be over 500 fps with the silencer fitted. And if it is quiet too, it's got to be the best ever Co2 pistol. Nearly 4 ft lbs fabulous. (Text from Tom / 08.04.14)

Hi Oleg It was a pleasure talking to you the other day and I look forward to receiving the magazine & grips. When I spoke to you the package had only just arrived so I really hadn't had much of a chance of looking at the Makarov. I didn't realise just how nice it is, the nickel finish is really good. Well worth the money, thank you. In fact it is so good that I really don't want to use it but keep it mint. This means that I'm going to have to look for another, probably blued to make the set. Kind Regards Mike (Email from Portugal / 19.04.16)

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