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Soviet military dressing packs

Soviet Individual Dressing Packs dated 1957, 1976 & 1989

Price: £7-95 Small, blue, 1957
Price: £8-95 Large, blue, 1976
Price: £8-95 Large, red, 1989

Survival Matches

Special purpose water-resistant & wind-proof matches, burning time 10sec (hunting matches - standard 5cm/ 2" long box) or 30sec (Spetnaz and long survival matches - 10cm/ 4" long box)

Price: £3-95 Spetsnaz 1
Price: £3-95 Spetsnaz 2
Price: £1-95 Hunting 3
Price: £1-95 Vacuum pack 4
Price: £1-20 Vacuum pack 5

Russian mess-tin & waterbottle combo belt pouch

Modern Russian belt pouch in Flora colour to accommodate a mess-tin or mess-tin & ' Flyazhka' water bottle. Ideal for outdoor activities

Price: £12-00

Soviet Army back pack

Soviet Army back pack, commonly known as 'veschmeshok'. Main compartment plus pocket on the back. Straps on each side for additional luggage. 100% cotton. Colour: khaki

Price: £00-00 <SOLD OUT>

Soviet Army blanket

Soviet army enlisted man's blanket manufactured in 1981. Unissued (new) condition...warm & practical. Ideal for camping - very compact when folded. Size: 210x120cm (83"x48"). Direct supply from Soviet Army warehouse

Price: £22-00 <SOLD OUT>

70L Officer's Travel Bag

100% waterproof, heavyweight nylon Codura 500 D fabric, parallel double zipped entrance to main compartment with 5 large side pockets with plastic clips & zips, unique reinforced belt system (bears weight of 1,000kg), adjustable straps to take extra burden on the top, 70L, colour: black, olive drap or les. UNIQUE: detachable shoulder strap can be used as waist belt, which is compatible with belt pouches

Price: £75-00 Black <SOLD OUT>
Price: £75-00 OD <SOLD OUT>
Price: £65-00 Les


100% waterproof, heavyweight nylon Codura 500 D fabric, semi-rigid frame, reinforced bottom & 2 flexible metal plates, waist belt, zipped main compartment, 2 side pockets, pocket for mess-tin, pocket for a torch on left shoulder strap, fastening for MPL & extra luggage on the top & bottom, compatible with Molle system, dimentions of main compartment: 31x19x50cm / 40L / Les or OD

Price: £69-00 Les <SOLD OUT>
Price: £69-00 O/D


Russian Flora (3-colour camo),100% waterproof (Nylon), laces on each side to adjust volume, two pockets on Velcro, belts on top & bottom to attach extra cargo, white ink 'military issue' 'stamping in Russian on inside

Price: £00-00 <SOLD OUT>

'Polevaya Sumka' Soviet Army Officers map carrier

Famous Soviet map carrier made from combination of real/fake leather. Plenty of space for all sorts of documents/maps, stationary & compass. Unissued (new), direct supply from Soviet warehouse

Price: £00-00 <SOLD OUT>

'Kotelok' Army mess-tin

Traditional Soviet/Russian Army aluminium mess-tin in military green, unissued, 2L

Price: £00-00 <SOLD OUT>

'Flyashka' Water Bottle

Soviet/Russian aluminium water bottle in military green, unissued, made in mid 1980s with Soviet khaki belt canvas pouch; screw-on cap on chain, 1.5L / authentic Soviet canvas pouch dated 1979-1989. Unissued

Price: £00-00 <SOLD OUT>
Price: £2-95 (belt pouch only)


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