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Special Offers & Second Hand
Special Offers & Private / Second-hand goods sales policy: This page has been created in order to help our customers to sell & buy discounted, second hand and privately sold items including deactivated guns and Section 1 rifles and accessories using us as a broker. Most of the goods offered below are based on direct customer-to-customer dealings and therefore prices are VAT-tax free. Methods of payment accepted: cash / cheques (NO credit cards !) If you have any questions or have something for sale ? - pls call on +44 (0)1344 750735 or e-mail:
7.62x39 SAIGA rifle

Second-hand (2011) as new (400 rounds fired only) 7.62x39 Saiga Sporter rifle with SVD-type stock with four spare mags inc 75-r drum, two 30-r and one 20-r steel mags (scope & bipod NOT included)

Price: £900-00
Saiga-12 shotgun magazines

Manufactured by Izhmash older AK style polymer Rock-&-Lock 8-R magazines for Saiga-12 (8 pcs)

Price: £75-00 R-&-L / 8-R

INERT (FIRED) 9P-14-Sh RPO "SHMEL" launcher

93mm RPO-A "Shmel" (Rocket-propelled Infantry Flamethrower "Bumblebee") is a pre-loaded single-shot rocket launcher. Russian: Реактивный Пехотный Огнемёт "ШМЕЛЬ" (РПО-А "Шмель"). Classed as a flamethrower by its manufacturer Tula KBP Design Bureau , it is in fact a hand-held disposable launcher tube, designed to fire thermobaric, incendiary or smoke missiles upto 1.5km. Sighting range is 600m (collapsible iron sight), muzzle velocity - 125m/s. Weight - 11kg with loaded missile. The RPO has two collapsible grips and a triger with safety catch. Legal status in the UK and Europe - SPENT AMMUNITION - No license required !

Price: £520-00  
BETA C-MAG (100-R M16/M4 drum magazine)

Authentic US-made 100-round double drum magazine for M16/M4 assaut rifle (6 pcs)

Price: £470-00  
DE-ACTIVATED 7.62mm PK general purpose machine gun

Designed by M. Kalashnikov in 1961, the PK is a gas operated, belt fed, air cooled, automatic only, machine gun. It fires at a rate of 650rpm from an open bolt and has a quick detachable barrel. Our deactivated MG comes from Bulgaria (circled mark 10) and is new and fully operational (all MOVING PARTS - field-strippable / front VIEW ). It features permamently fixed bipod, sling & orange polymer furniture inc fixed stock, pistol grip & carry-handle. It comes with UK-issued deactivation certificate (tripod is optional)

Price: £1,200-00
DE-ACTIVATED 30mm AGS-17 "Plamya" automatic grenade launcher

Soviet era 30mm automatic grenade launcher including tripod, scope, drum magazine with belt. Excellent condition - all moving parts / field-strippable !! CLICK to view another image. De-act Certificate issued by London Proof House. Unique and very rare - ideal for war museums and serious private collectors. We can ship it to the US on special license to a dealer - payment by cash before any paperwork is done !!

Price: £4,500-00 <SOLD OUT >  
AEI Systems vehicle mount for 12.7mm DShK HMG

Second-hand but in excellent condition !! CLICK to view another image. We can ship this mount to the US - payment by cash by direct bank transfer or via

Price: £800-00
AKM wooden furniture (4-piece)

AK reproduction wooden furniture sets (laminated ply-wood) in Emerald Green as used by Soviet Army Borderguard troops include fixed AK-74 type butt stock with swivel on the side or folding stock with 5.5mm hinge diameter to replace AK-74M and AK-100 series folding polymer butt stock

Price: £189-00 Fixed stock

Please note - all firearms accessories are sold in the UK and abroad on the understanding that they are for personal use and will not be (re-)exported without the pre-requisite authorisation. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that they comply with relevant local licensing requirements

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