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Having participated in numerous films and TV programs since our company was founded in 1999, RusMilitary has established itself as a specialist in supplying all sorts of military equipment and weaponary related to the Eastern Bloc – Soviet / Russian-made in particular as well as providing services in weapons training for actors and recognised bodies and weapons use in filming. We are registered firearms dealers and importers and can provide a wide range of live guns, blank firing guns, deactivated guns, airsoft replicas and accessories


Our clients include:

DIE ANOTHER DAY movie (supply of uniforms for Ice Palace security guards: M4 and Delta jackets)

JONNY ENGLISH (supply of Baigish 9M binoculars)

TOMB RAIDER -II movie (supply of camouflage uniforms for prison guards: M4 parka)

SAHARA movie (supply of military clothing, equipment and webbing as well as telescopic sights)

SPACE CADETS BBC's TV spoof reality show (supply of Russian Army uniforms & equipment)

ULTIMATE FORCE Series 4 (uniforms, clothing & equipment)

WEAPONOLOGY Spetsnaz Discovery Military Channel (supply of uniforms, body armour, helmets, weapons, blank ammunition. Also weapons training & supervision of live firing on set)
New Tricks, Season 9, Episodes 9 & 10, BBC 2012 (supply of silencers, handguns, AK-47 rifles and shotguns) - We are the official armourer for the series. Click to watch shooting scenes
THE FEAR 4-hour drama, C4 (2012). We are the official armourer in partnership with A.Savill RFD. Click to watch shooting scenes
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - consulting services as well as supply of OMON police clothing and equipment. Click to watch officail trailer
JOHAN FALK Series, Swedish crime drama: supply of Tyrex / Kedr submachine guns and silencers > Sep 2015
13 HOURS The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. New blockbuster from Paramount Pictures. Supply of DShK HMG with tripod and mount, PKM tripods, ammo boxes and belt-loading machines, Watch trailer

NEW in 2019>

KILLERS_ANONYMOUS - Release date in USA - 28th June. Probably the most violent, bloody and at the same time witty and sophisticated crime thriller of 2018. A hybrid of Agatha Christie and Quentin Tarantino ! Not to be missed ! We are the official armourers in partnership with NDH Firearms

VIEW our extensive collection of weapons available for rent to film / TV production companies as well as for weapons training available to army, police and registered government contractors only


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