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Our extensive collection of weapons mainly consists of blank firing guns (purpose-built 8mm / 9mm or real live firearms shooting blank ammunition), de-activated guns with all moving parts and airsoft replicas which are available for purchase/rent to film/TV production companies as well as for weapons training for army, police and registered government contractors only. Please contact us 24/7 for friendly advice and competitive rental quotation. Weapons listed below require NO license and are readily avaialble for immediate use

From left to right: SVD w/ 1PN51 NV scope, SVDS, Saiga-12, RPK, RPG-7, AKM, AK-74M w/ GP-30 grenade launcher, AK-74, AK-105, AKS-74U, Bison-2, PKM, DShKM
ATGM Malyutka (also known in the West as "AT-3 Sagger" (Russian: Малютка - "The Little One" is a manual command to line-of-sight (MCLOS) wire-guided anti-tank guided missile developed in the Soviet Union in 1963 (INERT / available for rent only)
7mm PFC (Plug Fire Cap) S&W M10 snub nose revolver; gas vented forward / 9mm (.380R) Detective Spec COLT BLANK firing snub nose revolver; gas vented upwards / hire price from £50 (7mm caps: £20 per 100 / 9mm R ammo: £24 per 50 pcs)
8mm PAK BLANK firing pistols: Glock-17 & Glock-26 ("Baby Glock") / gas vented upwards from the middle of the barrel / semi-auto action / hire price from £50 (8mm ammo: £24 per 50 pcs)
8mm PAK BLANK firing pistols: Colt 1911 & Beretta M92 / gas vented upwards from the middle of the barrel / semi-auto action (Beretta has a switch to FULL-AUTO) / hire price from £50 (8mm ammo: £24 per 50 pcs)
6mm airsoft SHELL-EJECTIING pistols: CZ-75 & Colt 1911 / gas blow bak action / realistic recoil / cheap alternative to Section 5 guns (flash & sound could be added by CGI & dubbing). Whatch on YouTube / hire price from £50
Soviet PBS-1 (AKM / AK-47) blank firing silencer with 14mm LH thread incorporates a number of baffles to silence gunfire as well as a removable blank firing baffle to allow full auto firing mode when blank ammo is used. Rental only (!) - Firearms licence required (!) MAC-10 blank firing silencer is double-skinned for both pressure resistance & to prevent burns to the users' hands, should they hold the weapon by the supressor. These silencers do NOT discharge directly forward, but instead have a series of plate baffles that prevent modification for use on a real weapon, while still allowing the gas pressure to be vented through the front exit hole safely - No licence required (!)

Also available on order with 2 weeks prior notification: a collection of 9mm Section 5 blank firing handguns (gas vented forward). Please contact Andy (Section 5 RFD MET) for more information by e-mail: (Browning in black, nikel & gold / Colt Double Eagle & 1911 in nikel & black / Walther P88, P22, P99 & PP / HK P30 / Reck Python revolver / Beretta M92 / Glock 17 & 26 / Smith & Wesson Chiefs Special

A selection of Section 5 (POLICE/MILITARY) automatic and sem-automatic weapons and handguns is also available from our other business partner NDH Firearms, who is approved to supply and transport firearms under the Section 5 Prohibited Firearms Authority Working with Film & Television Production Companies. Pls contact Dean via e-mail:

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