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Our extensive collection of weapons mainly consists of blank firing guns (purpose-built 8mm / 9mm or live firearms shooting blank ammunition), de-activated guns with all moving parts, rubber props and airsoft replicas which are available for HIRE (NOT for sale!) to film / TV production companies as well as for weapons training for army, police and registered government contractors. Please contact us 24/7 for friendly advice and competitive rental quotation. Weapons listed below are readily avaialble for immediate use. Also available on order with one week prior notification: a selection of 9mm blank firing handguns including Browning in black, nikel & gold / Colt Double Eagle & 1911 in nikel & black / Walther P88, P22 & PP / HK P30 / Reck Python revolver / Smith & Wesson Chiefs Special / MP-5 as well as 7.62mm assault and sniper rifles. Purpose-built 9mm PAK blank firing guns are our weapons of choice, because they are the safest guns on the market - loud, but not detrimental to hearing / ejected cases are NOT hot due to low gun powder charge and REMEMBER - we can supply any replica / blank firing gun for Film/TV at a very reasonable rental price. We also read scripts and provide training and advice on guns use and handling based on script and our own military experiece. We can supply all related products - telescopic sights, holsters, webbing and uniforms, knives, machetes and swords too

< CLICK to view our guns in action (18.10.20)

From left to right: SVD w/ 1PN51 NV scope, SVDS, Saiga-12, RPK, RPG-7, AKM, AK-74M w/ GP-30 grenade launcher, AK-74, AK-105, AKS-74U, Bison-2, PKM, DShKM
The legendary 12.7x108 NSV "Utyos" HMG to be available as a blank firing weapon for film/ TV from mid of January'23
7mm (PFC) S&W M10 snub nose revolver / 9mm (.380R) Detective Spec COLT blank firing snub-nose revolver
8mm and 9mm PAK BLANK firing pistols: Glock-17 & Glock-26 ("Baby Glock") / semi-auto action / both Glocks come with silencers and silencer adaptors (!)
8mm PAK BLANK firing pistols: Colt 1911 & Beretta M92 / semi-auto action. Beretta has a switch to FULL-AUTO (!)
6mm airsoft SHELL-EJECTIING pistols: CZ-75 & Colt 1911 / gas blow back action / realistic recoil / cheap alternative to Section 5 guns (flash & sound could be added by CGI & dubbing). Whatch on YouTube
7mm .380 (PFC) blank firing MAC-11 Ingram submachine guns with silencer
MAC-10 blank firing silencer is double-skinned for both pressure resistance & to prevent burns to the users' hands, should they hold the weapon by the supressor. These silencers do NOT discharge directly forward, but instead have a series of plate baffles that prevent modification for use on a real weapon, while still allowing the gas pressure to be vented through the front exit hole safely
Russian WW2 guns including: De-activated or BLANK firing revolver Nagant M1895 (inert 7.62x38R rounds are also available) / De-activated with all moving parts (field-strippable) 7.62x25 PPSh-41 submachine gun & 7.62x25 Tokarev TT-33 double-action pistol


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