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7.62x54R SVD Dragunov sniper rifle (TIGR 04) & SVDS Paratrooper (TIGR 02)
Brand new TIGR 04 sniper rifle is a civilian version of the legendary SVD Dragunov sniping rifle, manufactured by IZHMASH factory. The SVD (Tigr 04) features black plastic furniture inc fixed stock and hand-guards. In accordance with the UK law requirements, this rifle was manufactured as a straight pull / manual operation (single shot) rifle with magazine capacity of 5 or 10 rounds. Our package includes: one 10-round magazine, canvas sling, cleaning accessories kit, cleaning rod and manuals in English. The SVDS Para version comes with folding buttstock; 530mm barrel length and 1200 rear sight. The original SVD recoil pads, bipods & 8x42 scopes are optional
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Calibre, mm
Muzzle velocity, m/s
Catridge type
Barrel length , mm
Overall length, mm
Weight, kg
Magazine capacity, rds
5 or 10
Sighting range (open sight), m
PRICE: SVD - Modern Russian / standard mil-spec barrel / factory black polymer furniture
PRICE: SVD - Modern Russian / standard mil-spec barrel / Russian-Soviet laminated ply-wood furniture is EXTRA / CLOSE-UP IMAGE 2 New or used (see all the options below)
PRICE: SVDS Paratrooper - Para's version of SVD (straight pull Tigr-02)/ 530mm barrel length / folding buttstock/ 1200m leaf-shaped rear sight
SVD wooden buttstock & handguards

Authentic Russian (unissued - as NEW) Izhmash-made plywood butt stocks with black cheek pad and handguards. Standard military design. Butt length - 30cm. Latest sets are very close in colour

Price: £289-00 Satin / light oak / SOLD OUT>
Price: £289-00 Satin / dark oak / SOLD OUT>
SVD recoil pad

Autnentic Russian pads originally designed to fit SVD wooden buttstock would also fit Vepr-12, SKS, Mosin and Mauser rifles as well as SVDS (Saiga-12) folding butt. The £59-pound version was widened from inside by cutting & filing to fit a modern SVD fixed polymer stock.. A MUST-HAVE.. if you ever shot 7.62x54R / view the BIG picture

Price: £49-00 SVD / Brown / appx $52
Price: £52-00 SVD / Black / appx $55
Price: £59-00 for SVD polymer butt / Black / appx $62
S-101 Telescopic Bipod (for SVD/Tigr)

Heavy duty S-101 bipod with a strong steel body was specifically designed for Dragunov-type rifles (SVD, SVDS, Tigr). It comes with quick-release clamps mountable onto the receiver via the grooves on each side. The height of bipod can be adjusted via 4-stage telescopic pods from 17cm (7") to 24cm (9.5")

Price: £229-00 S-101 / SOLD OUT>
S-1 Telescopic Bipod (Sniper-1)

Our S-1 bipods are authentic Izhmash-made, factory re-conditioned bipods (all old springs were replaced with new ones), specially designed for Dragunov sniper rifles (Russian: С-1 / Снайпер-1). The height is adjustable from 17cm (7") to 23cm (9") with extendable spikes to penetrate soft surfaces. Weight - 650g / IMAGE 2 / Installation instructions / Bipod folded / The BIG picture (20 pieces only)

Price: £599-00 Appx $599
SVD cleaning kit

Authentic Soviet 7.62mm SVD cleaning kit inc four types of tools. Direct supply from Soviet stocks

Price: £29-00 SOLD OUT>
SVD 4-mag pouch

Authentic Soviet SVD magazine belt canvas pouch for 4 mags / unissued (as new) / direct supply from old Soviet Army ZIP stores. Leather trim - dark brown

Price: £29-00  
SVD canvas magazine pouch


Hi Oleg, Just a quick email to say I went to Warcop with the SVD and AK-103 on Saturday. You're not gonna believe this, but the AK with Israeli surplus (tracer) was consistently hitting targets at 1000 yds ! There were shooters there coming over stunned at what the AK was managing! 5 of us were using AKs and they were hitting thousand yard targets repeatedly. The SVD - I took mine and another chap took his - I only had 20 tracer rounds but they hit 1000 yard targets no problem - the other chap - was consistently hitting targets at 1300 with Hungarian tracer rounds with his! This blows the usual rubbish talked about how the SVD is "only good out to 800/900" right out of the water! A real eye opener of a day - especially with the little old AK going out to 1000! We did try for 1300 targets, but there just wasnt enough steam in the rounds to get them there and they fell short. All the best, James / E-mail from James 20.10.08

Dear Oleg ! well im the man who got the last SVD that was used for display in your store, i am extremely happy with the rifle, it is putting five rounds into 2.5-3cm at 100 meters with Seller + Bellot 180gr FMJ's. Thanks for getting it over to Hollow Farm Shooting Grounds in Northern Ireland so quickly too! Anyway, best regards always Mark K. / e-mail / 19.02.08

Conditions of purchase in the UK (MAIL ORDER) Section 1 FAC. Please post photocopies of front page & Variations page (with 7.62x54R or 7.62mm or 7.62mm/.308 on it), plus contact details of your nearest RFD. Purchase in person & viewings are strictly by appointment. Please note all our rifles are SINGLE-SHOT / NOT semi-automatic and all the shotguns ARE semi-automatic with fixed buttstock & minimum barrel length of 24" (61cm)

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