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Saiga-12 & VEPR-12 DRUM magazines

Perfectly tuned 20-round drum PowerMag (3" / weight 0.65kg) made (CNCed) from alloy & stainless steel. Rock-n-Lock type fits Saiga-12 only. Magwell type is made to fit Vepr-12

Price: £329-00 Rock'&'Lock (special order)
Price: £549-00 Magwell (special order)
< Click to view 20-r DRUM mag in action !
VEPR-12 factory magazines

Manufactured by Molot polymer 4-r, 8-r & 10-r magwell magazines for Vepr-12 shotgun (10-r mag is the latest factory one-piece structure)

Price: £62-00 2-round in 5-round body (reversable)
Price: £59-00 5-round / $79
Price: £69-00 8-round / $97
Price: £94-00 10-round (2 mags +) / $108
Price: £99-00 10-round (1 mag) / $115
Saiga-12 magwell & 8-round shotgun magazines

Manufactured by Izhmash plastic magwell and 8-shot polymer Rock-&-Lock and magwell magazines for Saiga-12 (Magwell Saiga-12 mag also fits Vepr-12 shotgun)

Price: £89-00 Rock-&-Lock <SOLD OUT>
Price: £108-00 Magwell mag <SOLD OUT>
Price: £39-00 Magwell <SOLD OUT>
< Click to view magazines in action !
Saiga shotgun magazines: 20/.410

Russian Saiga magazines:10-round gauge 20; 4-r (for shorter cartridges inc slug) and 10-round .410 magazines manufactured by Izhmash

Price: £24-00 20x76 (10-r) <SOLD OUT>
Price: £24-00 410x65 (4-r slug)
Price: £48-00 410x76 (10-r) <SOLD OUT>
Price: £26-00 410 mag couplers <SOLD OUT>
7.62x54R PKM ammo box

Unissued 7.62x54R PKM ammo boxes with 100-r or 200-r belt / NEW condition / Eastern Bloc / CLICK to buy PKM tripod by Stepanov

Price: £79-00 W/ 100-r belt
Price: £89-00 W/ 200-r belt
12.7x109 DShK ammo box

Used Soviet DShK HMG ammo box with 10-r belt or no belt comes in original mil green or re-sprayed black

Price: £59-00 NO belt
Price: £88-00 W/ 20-r belt
12.7x109 inert / training ammo and belt

DShK HMG training rounds in black and 10-r belt

Price: £29-00 20-r belt
Price: £ 5-60 INERT round
7.62x39 RPD belt box

Soviet RPD belt box with 100-round belt to take 7.62x39 ammo

Price: £38-00  

7.62x39 RPK 75-round drum magazine

Brand-new 75-round RPK drum magazine (also can be used with AK-47 / AKM). We also have some mags converted by welding for use with 7.62 Saigas. All mags have been tested & come with 12 months warranty

7.62x39 RPK 75-round drum magazine

75-round RPK steel drum magazine (also can be used with AK-47 / AKM rifles) Made in South-East Asia. Also available as a Saiga conversion

Price: £99-00 RPK
Price: £125-00 Saiga
9x19 GLOCK 50-round drum magazine

Quality polymer 50-round drum magazine for Glock-17 (9x19) or any other similar weapon (Eg: 9mm lever release rifle from Southern Gun Company)

Price: £239-00
5.56x45 M16/M4 100-round drum magazine

Quality polymer 100-round drum magazine for M16/M4 (AR-15) rifle

Price: £249-00
A quick note to customers overseas: it is much cheaper to ship more then 1 magazine at a time.. Appx shipping cost:
1 mag
2 mags
Europe: £10
Europe: £13
Rest of the world: £12
Rest of the world: £15
CLICK to see more details on shipping costs

Please note that customers from overseas may be required to supply End User Certificate for some of the parts above. When purchasing hi-cap magazines, customers from the US AGREE that these magazines are to be used on 922(r) compliant guns ONLY !


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