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7.62x54R SVD/ TIGR magazines

Soviet / Russian 10-round steel magazines for SVD/TIGR sniper rifles are equipped with steel follower. All mags are in good storage condition - virtually new!

Price: £79-00 Appx $86 / SOLD OUT>
7.62x39 AK47 / 5.45x39 AK-74 / 5.56x45 M4 (AR-15) polymer magazines

This brand new, made in Eastern Europe range of black polymer light-weight (190g) magazines offers a standard 30-r capacity as well as 60-r. All mags feature a mil spec metal bullet ramp and locking tab in the rear. They also have a bolt hold open function and clear window ammo counter. Pls note this range of magazines can be delivered in large commercial quantites on order from Army / Police and government contractors. CLICK to view the BIG picture

Price: £79-00 AK47 60-r quad stack >
Price: £20-00 AK47 30-r
Price: £22-00 AK47 30-r W/ counter
Price: £23-00 AK-74 30-r W/ counter
Price: £19-95 M4 / AR-15 / appx $22
Price: £74-00 M4/ 60-r quad stack
MILITARY QUALITY (!) The above magazines are made of durable polymer and remain functional in temperatures from minus -40'C to plus +120'C degrees centigrade. They will not break or crack when dropped or even when run over by an SUV. The material composition allows a long time storage, even when fully loaded and the magazine feeding lips will not deform by the spring pressure. All springs are made of carbon wire!
7.62x39 AK47 ZASTAVA magazines

Brand new Sebian steel and black polymer magazines are light-weight (260g) 30-r mags featuring a mil spec metal bullet ramp and locking tab in the rear with a bolt hold open function. MILITARY QUALITY (!) manufactured by Zastava

Price: £26-00 Polymer / SOLD OUT>
Price: £29-00 Steel / Appx $32 / LRBHO
7.62x39 AKM (AK-47) bakelite magazines

NOW available in UNISSUED "old stock" condition or slightly used (Grade 1) 30-round Soviet AK-47 bakelite magazines with Star logo from Tula TOZ or IZZY triagle from Izhmash

Price: £59-00 Izzy / Long Neck / SOLD OUT>
Price: £47-00 Izzy / Grade 1 / SOLD OUT>
Price: £55-00 Tula - Long Neck / SOLD OUT>
Price: £47-00 Tula / Grade 1 / RESERVED
7.62x39 AKM (AK-47) polymer magazines

Brand NEW 30-round Polish-made WBP CLEAR GREEN or CLEAR GREY polymer magazines (Radom Poland) polymer magazines

Price: £24-00 CLEAR GREEN / appx $24
Price: £25-00 CLEAR GREY / appx $25

7.62x39 AK-47 alloy magazines

Good collectable condition AK-47 Waffle alluminium mags are light-weight designed for paratroopers - just 187g unlike the nomal AK steel mag's weight of 330g). They fit all 7.62mm AK platform: AK-47, AKM & AK-103 etc
Price: £76-00 Appx $86 / SOLD OUT>
Orders from abroad - 2 pieces minimum

7.62x39 AK-47 slabside steel magazine

NEW or good storage condition 30-round original slabside AK47 steel magazines are rare and collectable. They fit all 7.62mm AK platform: AK-47, AKM & AK-103 etc

Price: £62-00 Appx $70 / SOLD OUT>
Orders from abroad - 2 pieces minimum
7.62x39 AKM / AK-47 steel magazine

Unissued (NEW) or Grade 1 good condition AKM / AK47 steel magazines to be used with AK-47, AKM & AK-103 rifles. LRBHO version has a follower lifted all the way up to jam the bolt in rear position when the last round is fired (Last Roaund Bolt Hold Open)

Price: £22-00 10-r steel / NEW / Romanian
Price: £26-00 20-r steel / NEW / SOLD OUT
Price: £24-00 30-r steel / (Arsenal) / SOLD OUT
Price: £29-00 30-r steel (Zastava - LRBHO)
7.62x39 Saiga magazines

Brand new AK steel magazines converted by welding and filing into Saiga mags. 10-r / 20-r / 30-r

Price: £28-00 10-r steel
Price: £35-00 20-r steel / SOLD OUT
Price: £39-00 30-r steel
AK universal magwell

Heat resistant and super strong polymer magwell allows fast magazine change. Easy to install - no special skills required. Weight - 24g only. It can accommodate both AK47 and AK74 magazines

Price: £27-00 SOLD OUT>
A quick note to customers overseas - minimum order is 2 magazines!
CLICK to see more details on shipping costs

FAQ: I read last night there were places in the UK that de-mill the mags I guess so they are used for display purposes or something and I just wanted to make sure these are fully working mags. I have also read some mag orders have disappeared. Thanks, R

I am interested in buying some of your AK bakelite magazines.. Has any modifications been done to the magazines, such as only holding ten rounds, or not being able to load live ammunition? Are they true Soviet mags? DJM

FGA: Our magazines are NOT de-milled, they do NOT disappear (NONE in the last 10 years anyway), they are TRUE Soviet (unless specified otherwise), they hold 30 rounds in 30-r body and, YES ! you CAN load them with live ammunition

Please note - all firearms accessories are sold in the UK and abroad on the understanding that they are for personal use and will not be (re-)exported without the pre-requisite authorisation. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that they comply with relevant local licensing requirements

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