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Saiga-12 & VEPR-12 DRUM magazines

Perfectly tuned 20-round drum PowerMag (3" / weight 0.65kg) made (CNCed) from alloy & stainless steel. Rock-n-Lock type fits Saiga-12 only. Magwell type is made to fit Vepr-12

Price: £299-00 Rock'&'Lock (special order)
Price: £549-00 Magwell (special order)
< Click to view 20-r DRUM mag in action !
MD Arms Saiga-12 twenty-round magazine

Manufactured in the US by MD Arms, this 20-round polymer drum magazine is designed for non-magwell Saigas only (!) Ideal for practical shooting competitions

Price: £149-00
VEPR-12 factory magazines

Manufactured by Molot polymer 4-r, 8-r & 10-r magwell magazines for Vepr-12 shotgun (10-r mag is the latest factory one-piece structure)

Price: £62-00 2-round in 5-round body (reversable)
Price: £59-00 5-round / $79
Price: £00-00 8-round <SOLD OUT>
Price: £94-00 10-round (2 mags +) / $108
Price: £99-00 10-round (1 mag) / $115
VEPR-12 steel magwell

Made in Russia by Molot, this competition magwell is ideal for PSG to replace a polymer magwell of Vepr-12 and Saiga-12 / Version 030

Price: £66-00  Appx $84
Price: £69-00 Appx $88 / for quick mag release
VEPR-12 / Saiga-12 three-mag pouch

Made in Russia three-mag padded pouch is ideal for IPSC. Best fit for 8-r, 10-r and 12-r magazines

Price: £49-00 Appx $62
Saiga-12 shotgun magazines

Manufactured by Izhmash polymer Rock-&-Lock and magwell magazines for Saiga-12 (Magwell Saiga-12 mag also fits Vepr-12 shotgun)

Price: £39-00 Rock-&-Lock mag / 5-r
Price: £84-00 Magwell mag / 8-r ( $105)
< Click to view magazines in action !
Saiga-410 shotgun magazine

Russian Saiga-410 factory 10-r and 4-round magazines. 4-r is designed for for shorter cartridges inc slug. Manufacturer - Izhmash

Price: £24-00 410x65 (4-r slug)
Price: £55-00 410x76 (10-r) / $70
Price: £26-00 410 mag couplers <SOLD OUT>
10-r mags Private Sale
7.62x54R PKM ammo box

Unissued 7.62x54R PKM ammo boxes with 100-r or 200-r belt / NEW condition / Eastern Bloc / CLICK to buy PKM tripod by Stepanov

Price: £79-00 W/ 100-r belt
Price: £89-00 W/ 200-r belt
12.7x109 DShK ammo box

NEW (Surplus condition) Russian-made DShK HMG ammo boxes with 50-r belt (link) in black. Currently all belt boxes come with armoured vehicle mount attachment (no tripod attachment)

Price: £119-00 1 box w/ belt
Price: £102-00 10+ boxes w/ belt / $130
12.7x109 inert / training ammo and belt

DShK HMG training rounds in black and 10-r belt

Price: £29-00 20-r belt
Price: £ 5-60 INERT training round
7.62x39 RPD belt box

Soviet RPD belt box with 100-round belt to take 7.62x39 ammo

Price: £38-00 <SOLD OUT>

7.62x39 RPK 75-round drum magazine

Brand-new 75-round RPK drum magazine (also can be used with AK-47 / AKM).We also have some mags converted by welding for use with 7.62 Saigas. All mags have been tested & come with 12 months warranty

Price: £216-00 RPK
75-r mags Private Sale
7.62x39 RPK 75-round drum magazine

75-round RPK steel drum magazine (also can be used with AK-47 / AKM rifles) Made in South-East Asia. Also available as a Saiga conversion

Price: £99-00 RPK
Price: £125-00 Saiga
9x19 GLOCK 50-round drum magazine

Quality polymer 50-round drum magazine for Glock-17 (9x19) or any other similar weapon (Eg: 9mm lever release rifle from Southern Gun Company)

Price: £239-00
5.56x45 M16/M4 100-round drum magazine

Quality polymer 100-round drum magazine for M16/M4 (AR-15) rifle

Price: £249-00
A quick note to customers overseas - it is much cheaper to ship more then 1 magazine at a time. Appx shipping cost:
1 mag
2 mags
Europe: £12
Europe: £14
Rest of the world: £14
Rest of the world: £17
CLICK to see more details on shipping costs
FAQ: I read last night there were places in the UK that de-mill the mags I guess so they are used for display purposes or something and I just wanted to make sure these are fully working mags. I have also read some mag orders have disappeared. Thanks, R.
FGA: Dear R, why would anybody want to de-mill the mags ?? it sounds stupid and, without wishing to be rude, please stop reading bulls**t on the internet. Within the last 10 years, we never lost a single part in the post. Please buy online with confidence everything will be delivered to you promptly !! RusMilitary Team

Please note - all firearms accessories are sold in the UK and abroad on the understanding that they are for personal use and will not be (re-)exported without the pre-requisite authorisation. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that they comply with relevant local licensing requirements

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