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NPZ ALFA Siderail-to-Weaver adaptor

Probably the BEST made in Russia low-profile adaptor designed for AK/Saiga and TIGR/SVD rifles with extended 180mm long Picatinny rail, which allows the installation of your telescopic sight or night vision scope, rather then the Russian-made POSPs. Manufactured by NPZ "Shvabe", they are also known as NPZ Alfa. Perfectly centered Picatinny rail makes them ideal for both right-handed & left-handed shooters. Its low position above the dust cover allows the use of both irons and telescopic / red dot sights at the same time, while a unique one-piece milled aircraft alluminum body makes it light-weight and durable. Military style clamp locks in the groove in the centre of a side rail. Weight: 270g. CLICK to view mounted on a weapon

Price: £164-00 Mounted on AK
Price: £169-00 SVD
PATRIOT M47 Siderail-to-Weaver adaptors

After extensive testing of all sorts of AK/SVD scope mounts, we have finally recognised EXTRA LOW Patriot M47 mounts as being the best when you prefer to install your own scope rather then the Russian-made PSO. Slightly leaning to the left, they are ideal for right-handed shooters (NOT suitable for left-handed persons). Low profile Pat M47 AK is available EXCLUSIVELY from Rusmilitary!). We also offer PAT M59 with a shorter siderail as a set for installation onto AKMS (price include installation)

Price: £119-00 AK / Saiga (Pat M47)
Price: £89-00 SVD / TIGR (Pat M47)
Price: £124-00 AKMS (Pat M59) + MTK-3 siderail
AK Gas Block Picatinny mount

AK74 / AK100 Picatinny alloy mount to fit onto a modern AK gas block from Tactika Tula is ideal for a red dot sight

Price: £64-00  
AK side rail mount

Authentic military Izhmash-made kit (side rail & three rivets) or a quick-fit kit (siderail and two bolts) can be installed onto all AKs, AK Yunker air rifles, SVD, Saiga M3 & Marui Airsoft AK/SVD. Both siderails can take all Russian-made sniper sights, Army issue NV sights & lasers. The latest quick-fit version also comes with groove in the middle for mil spec locking clamp

Price: £29-00 mil spec / SOLD OUT>
Price: £59-00 quick-fit


Here is Pat M47 side rail mount on my Saiga-12 shogun (E-mail from Jean-Hugues, France / 03.2020)

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