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BP-02 Siderail-to-Weaver adaptor

After extensive testing of all sorts of AK / SVD adaptors, we have finally recognised BP-02 type mounts as being the best in case when you prefer to install your own scope rather then the Russian-made POSPs. Perfectly centered Weaver rail makes them ideal for both right-handed & left-handed shooters

Price: £75-00 AK/ Saiga
Price: £75-00 SVD/ TIGR
AK gas block Picatinny rail

Milled and CNCed from a solid piece if mil grade alloy in Tula, this picatinny rail mount is designed to be mounted on top of AK gas block to take a red dot sight

Price: £54-00 <SOLD OUT>
ALFA siderail mount for AK rifles

Light-weight (250g) military grade alloy mount with Picatinny rail on top, which stretches all along the dust cover allowing the installation of optical sight in any place between the rear iron sight and shooters eye. Military style locking clamp designed for full-auto fire... This is a "Rolce Royce" of all AK mounts

Price: £179-00 <SOLD OUT>
9mm Dovetail mount for Kobra sight

Kobra mount with clamps to be mounted onto 9mm dovetail rail comes with 4 screws

Price: £55-00
AK side rail mount

Authentic military Izhmash-made kit (side rail & three rivets) or a quick-fit kit (siderail and two bolts) can be installed onto all AKs, AK Yunker air rifles, SVD, Saiga M3 & Marui Airsoft AK/SVD. Both siderails can take all Russian-made sniping sights, Army issue NV sights & lasers. The latest quick-fit version also comes with groove in the middle for mil spec locking mount

Price: £29-00 mil spec <SOLD OUT>
Price: £47-00 quick-fit <SOLD OUT>
PSO / POSP rubber eyepiece

to replace the damaged or lost one

Price: £5-00 <SOLD OUT>


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