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IO (Immersive Optics) range of ultra compact prismatic sights

This brand new range of prismatic sights from IO offers up to 4x wider field of view than other scopes. Eye relief calibrated to the force of the recoil. A scope with long eye relief, mounted on a rifle with moderate to no recoil, comes with the cost of a limited field of view - a critical element of target acquisition. IO have created a range of scopes to solve this problem, including scopes with up to 4x wider FOV than conventional scopes

Prismatic optics allow them to make much more compact and lightweight scopes with superior optical performance. Being compact allows for much better Gun/Scope weight distribution, the weight being further back massively reduces fatigue, which allows the shooter to stay out longer and shoot more accurately

All scopes are focusable down to 6 meters. No matter what the distance, the scope can be focused to get a crisp, parallax error free picture. ED (Low dispersion) Glass and CNC machined precision mechanics for class beating optical and mechanical quality

Smart MOA adjustable, CNC machined mounts will help to zero a scope and stay in the middle of its adjustment range. Selection of rails is included in the package to help place the scope in a comfortable position for the users head on any type of gun, from bullpup to a full-length sporter. For some models, any 30 or 34mm ring can be used to mount the scope

Prices appx,$
5x24 and 5x30 come with Mil Dot Rapid (MDR) reticles and MOA adjustble mounts / 10x24, 10x40 and 14x50 come with Mil Dot (MD) or Mil Dot Extended (MDE) - Subject to availability. MOA adjustable mounts are also included in the price

EU / Europe / USA / Canada / Australia etc. IMMRESIVE OPTICS can be shipped safely to ANY COUNTRY. All orders are insured and trackable via internet. Payments by PayPal are welcome. We can deliver in bigger quantities at discounted prices to government agencies abroad. We do NOT deliver to war zones

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