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D-125 monocular
D-2MV Pro
D-221H Pro
Yukon Tactical

D-125 Night Vision monocular / goggles

D-125 offers a high grade Gen 1 image intensifier tube in a compact, lightweight and partially rubber armoured bodyshell. It has a revised eyepiece with extended eye relief and an extended rubber eyecup.
D-125 offers 1.0x magnification and a 40° field of view. It has a 26mm f1.4 lens and a built-in short range variable beam (flood to spot) IR illuminator.


Rubber armoured bodyshell
Compact and lightweight
1.0x Magnification
40° field of view
High grade Gen 1. Image intensifier tube
Extended eye relief and rubber eye cup
Built in short range variable beam (flood to spot) IR Illuminator
Powered by 2x LR1 battery
Comes with carry case
PRICE (monocular) / £469-00
PRICE (goggles) / £589-00
PRICE (Optional mag 4x lens) / £139-00

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