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KOBRA Red Dot Collimator sight

Manufactureed by AXION in Izhevsk / Russia, Kobra Military Gen-3 red dot rifle scope comes either with permamently attached siderail mount (EKP-1C-03) or 20mm Weaver screw mount. The latest 2014 version is an open collimator "red dot" combat optic using laser-generated "heads-up display" ( HUD) technology to superimpose a reticle pattern onto a filtered lens which acts as an aiming device for the shooter. This system presents an unobstructed field of view, in 1x power which allows for extremely comfortable, "both eyes open" shooting. On average, most users will see 1.5 times faster target acquisition and a 50% smaller shot group at 100 meters, in comparison to using iron sights. It is designed for engaging fast moving targets and targets appearing for a short period of time in close quarters and urban combat situations in various light conditions. It provides clear targeting from 104 lx to 10-2 lx (daylight, twilight and moonlight), one- or two-eye targeting, is very effective when shooting from moving vehicles, and allows for perfect kill shots on fast-moving, small and spontaneously appearing targets. Cobra is ultra reliable (every new sight goes through tough 24 hr testing). The aiming reticules projection is not seen from target side. Traditional feel windage and elevation turrets; aiming marks intensity adjustment allows it to be used in the widest range of conditions - from dull indoor ranges to blazing outdoors (16 adjustable levels of brightness); four different types of reticules can be selected by pressing a button on the side of the scope 100% waterproof (in fact it works when submerged in water). The sight can be fitted on Russian, Chinese, Bulgarian etc. SVD, AK, Saiga M3, Yunker air rifles, Marui Airsoft AK/SVD (via siderail) as well as on 20mm weaver or 11mm dovetail bases fitted on different sorts of firearms and air guns (American M16 / M4 etc), 12 months warranty. The package includes waterproof belt pouch & a battery
side rail
20mm weaver
Operating temperature
-40'C / +50'C
-20'C / +50'C
Field of vision
Angular size of the 'dot' mark
Powered by
Weight, kg
Operating time
200 hours
200 hours
MODEL / Mount type
> Cobra PRO EKP-8-18 / 20mm Weaver Screw mount with plastic sun hood
> Cobra EKP-1C-03 / side rail mount to be fitted on AK, Saiga, Tigr, Vepr & SKS. Sight comes with rubber sun hood


Sorry for the late reply. I recieved my package as ordered in a timely manner as I have come to expect from your company. I am going to the range this week to try out the Kobra. I would also like to add, that your prices are the best I have seen anywhere. I have and will continue to recomend your services to my friends and fellow shooters. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future (E-mail from USA, 06.10.03)

Hi Oleg, Just picked up my parcel at the postoffice: as a matter of fact the mailman arrived with it yesterday but I wasn't home. Very fast delivery: great. The Kobra looks in perfect order and I tested it and it worked. I even noticed you've put in some new (western) batteries, not the normal russian ones. I also appreciate the manual in English as my russian is not that good! Thanx again for the very fast delivery and the overall great service. I'm sure we will do bussiness again in the near future. Greetings, Peet (E-mail from The Netherlands)

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