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1P21 (PO 3-9x42) - Automatic Bullet Drop Compensation

Current military issue 1P21 (PO 3-9X42) is modified for 2xLR44 (or 1xCR1/3N) 3V batteries. The scope has magnesium alloy body, which is finished in black protective coating. The reticules are illuminated in red, making the contrasting reticule line free of glow, which allows it to be used in dusk conditions. The upper aiming chevron is designed to adjust for bullet drop from 300m to 900m. When the upper mark is zeroed for 900m (circular mark 9 brought to "12 o'clock" mark), the lower four chevrons get automatically zeroed for 1000, 1100, 1200 & 1300 metres. This scope is calibrated for 7.62x54R SVD Dragunov rifle and is unique by its automatic bullet drop compensation system. It comes in waterproof pouch with rubber eyepiece & manuals, 12 months warranty - our latest 1P21s are finished in DARK GREY
Mountable on
Operating temperature
-50'C / +50'C
Angular field of view, deg
EyExit pupil diametre, mm
Eye relief, mm
Powered by
1xCR1/3N (3V)
Weight, kg
Length, cm


Once the scope’s magnification dial mark 3 set up on the 12 o’clock mag readout mark and the scope is zeroed at 300m (330yds) distance, you can automatically determine the distance to the target and zero the upper chevron for distances of upto 900m (990yds), if the size measurements of the target are known and fit within rectangular.By rotating the magnification / range dial knob you have to bring the target within the limits of the rectangular & horizontal line, which measure the hight levels 0,75 - 1.5m & 0.5m width. The distance to the target is the number on dial mark set on 12 o’clock readout mark: 3 - 300m; 4 - 400m; 5 - 500m ... and upto 9 - 900m. If the target size differs from the pre-set measurements of the rectangular, you can calculate the distance and zero on the target by
using the horizontal aiming scale. Eg: if the width of the target is 2m and it fits within two horizontal marks, the distance to the target is 100m, if it fits in one mark, the distance is 200m. Each division of horizontal scale measures 1m width at 100m distance and can be used for windage correction by shifting the aiming point left or right by one division, which moves the point of impact by 10cm (4”) at 100m (110yds) distance or 1m at 1000m distance

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