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GK-01 MOLOT muzzle brake

Molot-made GK-01 muzzle brake for Vepr-12 shotguns is available as a factory-threaded version (also compatibe with Saiga-12 external thread) or converted clamp-on type for our recently imported 26.5" barrel Vepr-12 shotguns to allow to "hide" those 2.5 extra inches inside the brake. CLICK to compare the barrel length of Saiga/Vepr with installed GK-01

Price: £99-00 external thread M22x0,75-6g
Price: £155-00 clamp-on version
Saiga-12 & Vepr-12 shotgun barrel attachments

A selection of factory-made and after-market flash hiders and external rifled chokes for Saiga-12 and VEPR-12 shotguns, designed to be attached via M22x0,75-6g external barrel thread + Vepr-12 internal chokes' thread cover and Saiga-12 external thread cover and factory gas regulator

Price: £37-00 Izhmash Saiga-12 FH <SOLD OUT>
Price: £32-00 Saiga-12 FH NS-12 <SOLD OUT>
Price: £47-00 Saiga-12 FH S-12-030 <SOLD OUT>
Price: £59-00 Molot VEPR-12 FH
Price: £65-00 Molot 50mm rifled choke* / ext. thread
Price: £17-00 Saiga-12 thread cover / ext. thread
Price: £12-00 Vepr-12 thread cover / int. thread
Price: £17-00 Saiga-12 factory 2-position gas reg
* NOT for sale in UK !
VEPR-12 bolt head

Complete assembly bolt head (NEW gereration) including factory-installed firing pin and extractor (UK Vepr-12 owners must provide FAC prior to purchasing / USA buyers - ATF 5330-3A

Price: £230-00 $300
AK charging handle extention

This Russian-made alloy extention bolts onto the existing AK charging handle to give you an enhanced oversized handle to operate your AK easily. This will work on all Saiga rifles, shotguns and most AK

Price: £29-95   Tactika Tula <SOLD OUT>
Price: £23-00    
AK gas block Picatinny rail

Milled and CNCed from a solid piece if mil grade alloy in Tula, this picatinny rail mount is designed to be mounted on top of AK gas block to take a red dot sight

Price: £54-00 <SOLD OUT>
PATRIOT X59 Siderail-to-Weaver adaptor

Patriot mounts are the total upgrade of BP-02 side mounts, developed to meet the needs of all AK, SVD, SKS, Mosin owners. These rock solid mounts are perfectly centered over the weapon's bore line. The Picatinny rail measures 225 mm giving you an unprecedented range of scope positioning options. The bottom mount based on SVD design has two removable stop screws. The front one is to be used on SVD style rails, the rear one on AK style rails. So the only thing you need to convert your mount from AK to SVD version is to screw the SVD stopper in and unscrew the AK stopper or vice versa. Hex screws used to keep the mount in its tightest position. The mounts are made of solid seluminium for extreme strength

Price: £139-00  
BP-02 Siderail-to-Weaver adaptor

After extensive testing of all sorts of AK / SVD adaptors, we have finally recognised BP-02 type mounts as being the best in case when you prefer to install your own scope rather then the Russian-made POSPs. Perfectly centered Weaver rail makes them ideal for both right-handed & left-handed shooters

Price: £75-00 AK/ Saiga
Price: £75-00 SVD/ TIGR
SVD top cover

Modern flat-top Izhmash-made receiver covers with locking mechanism in the rear and recoil spring for modern SVD rifle

Price: £77-00 <SOLD OUT>
AKM & AK100's top cover

This 'ribbed' AKM top cover would give any modern AK that distinguished look of 'real' AKM or Afghanistan-era AKS-74. It also fits all versions of 7.62 & .223 Saigas. Modern AK100 series top cover is smooth (flat-top)

Price: £29-00 AKM <SOLD OUT>
Price: £19-00 Izhmash
Soviet AK-47 & AKM gas tubes

Authentic Soviet AK-47 (with gas vents) and AKM gas tubes, direct supply from Soviet stocks, unissued (NEW!) or mint condition (handguard not included)

Price: £23-00 AK-47 <SOLD OUT>
Price: £22-00 RPK <SOLD OUT>
AK recoil spring & AKMS under-folding buttstock

Authentic military-grade parts are ideal to replace parts on Saigas & RomAks

Price: £19-00 AK recoil spring
Price: £54-00 AKMS stock
AKM / AKMS compensator

Authentic Soviet 14mm LH thread compensator (muzzle brake) for AKM-type rifles. It helps to prevent AK from climbing up-right

Price: £12-95  
AK compensator's thread adaptor

14mm LH thread adaptor designed to allow the use of modern DTKs compensators & muzzle brakes with 24X1.5 thread on older 14mm LH thread AKM / AK-47 rifles. Made by Tactika Tula / Russia

Price: £28-00  
AK / SAIGA mini-suppressor from Tactika Tula

"NIGHT" 7.62mm mini-suppressor is a 3-in-1 combo which comprises a DTK compensator as a separate unit + additional "sleeve" which comes on top turning the DTK into a mini-suppressor / flash hider. 14mm version also includes a Tactika Tula thread adaptor. (FAC holders only in UK / ATF 5330-3A from US buyers)

Price: £156-00 24x1.5 version
Price: £184-00 14mm LH version with adaptor
AK / SAIGA muzzle brakes from Tactika Tula

A selection of modern Russian-made (Tactika Tula) compensators (muzzle brakes) to help to reduce recoil and prevent the barrel from climbing up

Price: £59-00 DTK -"Coyote" (AK100 - 24x1.5)
Price: £59-00 DTK -"Cliff" (AK100 - 24x1.5)
Price: £54-00 DTK -"Cliff-U" (AK47/AKM 14mm LH)
AKS-74U flash hider

Authentic Soviet 5.45mm AKS-74U flash hider made by Tula Arms Plant, which also fit all AK100 series rifles & Yunker-2 the air rifle through M24x1.5 barrel thread; weight - 101g (NOT for sale in the UK!)

Price: £44-00 <SOLD OUT>
AK-103 muzzle brake & AK-104 flash hider

Izhmash-made 7.62mm flash hider & muzzle brake, which also fit Saiga rifles as well as Yunker-3 & Yunker-2 air rifles through M24x1.5 barrel thread. The longer AK-103 (80mm lenth) muzzle brake does NOT have internal baffle. The shorter AK-104 flash hider is (NOT for sale in the UK / Section 1)

Price: £36-00 AK-103 / <SOLD OUT>
Price: £38-00 AK-104 / <SOLD OUT>
AK-74 muzzle brake

East German 5.45mm muzzle brake, one-piece (Zig-Zag) or authentic unissued Soviet 5.45mm two-piece hammer forged. They also fit AK-101 assault rifles as well as Yunker-3 & Yunker-2 air rifles through M24x1.5 barrel thread; weight - 104g

Price: £43-00 Zig-Zag <SOLD OUT>
Price: £39-00 H-forged <SOLD OUT>
AK-103 muzzle brake & front sight block

Izhmash-made AK muzzle brake & front sight block w/ bayonet lug. The 24x1.5mm thread also allows the installation of silencers (PBS-1/5). 7.62mm muzzle brake has no internal baffle. Suitable for any other smaller caliber (5.45 / 5.56) weapons

Price: £00-00 <SOLD OUT>
AK-104 flash hider, front sight & gas block

Izhmash-made AK-104 flash hider, front sight & gas block can be also fitted on AK-105 / AK-102 models (actual caliber of flash hider is 9mm). The 24x1.5mm thread also allows the installation of modern silencers / Installation (NOT for sale in the UK / Section 1)

Price: £125-00 <SOLD OUT>
SVD flash hider & front sight assy

Izhmash-made SVD flash hider & front sight combo w/ bayonet lug (length - 120mm/ 4.5") inc two pins (NOT for sale in the UK / Section 1)

Price: £99-00 <SOLD OUT>

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