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AK-47 mian trigger pin

One of three main trigger pins, arranging AK47/ AKM / AK74 trigger group. This pin is also ideal to plug (fill up) the holes on each side of the receiver of CybrGun air bb rifle by cutting it in half

Price: £9-95 One (1) pin / appx $10
AK / SKS rear sight tool

AK / SKS rear sight tool (spanner) removes and re-installs the rear sight plate. Unique design by Tula-EST. Click to view instructions on Removal / Installation

Price: £39-00 Appx $40
AK / SKS front sight adjusting tool

AK / SKS front sight adjusting (zeroing) tool which moves sight base left / right and up / down. 100% steel construction

Price: £22-00 Appx $22
AK magazine release assembly and rear sight

Authentic 3-piece AK mag release lever consisting of lever, spring and pin. Plus a 3-piece rear sight sliding marker

Price: £17-00 Mag release / SOLD OUT>
Price: £12-00 Rear sight marker
12G muzzle brakes

GK-02 / 03 muzzle brakes for Vepr-12 / Saiga-12 shotguns is available as a factory-threaded versions (M22x0.75 thread also compatibe with Saiga-12 external thread). GK-2 version is slightly improved - steel threaded ring is wider and thicker + high-quality black finish. CLICK to compare the barrel length of Saiga / Vepr with installed GK-02

Price: £85-00 GK-02 (CLICK / SOLD OUT>
Price: £115-00 GK-03
AK charging handle extention

This Russian-made alloy extention bolts onto the existing AK charging handle to give you an enhanced oversized handle to operate your AK easily. This will work on all Saiga rifles, shotguns and most AK

Price: £24-00 SOLD OUT>
NPZ ALFA Siderail-to-Weaver adaptor

Probably the BEST made in Russia low-profile adaptor designed for AK/Saiga and TIGR/SVD rifles with extended 180mm long Picatinny rail, which allows the installation of your telescopic sight or night vision scope, rather then the Russian-made POSPs. Manufactured by NPZ "Shvabe", they are also known as NPZ Alfa. Perfectly centered Picatinny rail makes them ideal for both right-handed & left-handed shooters. Its low position above the dust cover allows the use of both irons and telescopic / red dot sights at the same time, while a unique one-piece milled aircraft alluminum body makes it light-weight and durable. Military style clamp locks in the groove in the centre of a side rail. Weight: 270g. CLICK to view mounted on a weapon

Price: £276-00 Mounted on AK / appx $290
Price: £00-00 SVD / SOLD OUT>
VOMZ Siderail-to-Weaver adaptor

After extensive testing of all sorts of AK/SVD scope mounts, we have finally recognised a low profile VOMZ mounts as being the best when you prefer to install your own scope rather then the Russian-made PSO. Perfectly centred they ideal fro AK / Saiga rifles as a cheaper alternative to military NPZ mounts

Price: £129-00 AK - Saiga / SOLD OUT>
AK dust covers

Storage condition authentic Soviet 'ribbed' AKM/AK74 dust covers would give any modern AK that distinguished look of 'real' AKM or Afghanistan-era AKS-74. They also fit all versions of Saigas. Modern AK100 / Type56 dust covers are smooth (flat-top). Plus brand new factory AK12/AK15 covers with alloy Picatiny rail on top. Weight - 210g / Steel hinge diametre - 6mm

Price: £149-00 AK12 / AK15 / appx $152
Price: £32-00 Ribbed AK74 / AKM / SOLD OUT>
Price: £25-00 Smooth top AK Norinco
AK-47 / AKM cleaning rod

Original Soviet AK-47 (AKM) cleaning rods come from Soviet ZIP stocks (40cm length)

Price: £25-00 AK-47 / AKM
Soviet AK recoil springs

Authentic Soviet AK recoil springs assembly. Reinforced by solid steel rod (AK47) or by standard wire frame core (AKM / AK-74)

Price: £39-00 AK-47 / SOLD OUT>
Price: £34-00 AK74 / AKM / SOLD OUT>
Soviet RPK, AK-47 & AKM gas tubes

Authentic Soviet AK-47 (with gas vents) and AKM gas tubes, direct supply from Soviet stocks, unissued (NEW!) or mint condition (handguard not included)

Price: £23-00 AK-47 / SOLD OUT>
Price: £29-00 AK74 / AKM / SOLD OUT>
AKM / AKMS compensator

Authentic Soviet 14mm LH thread compensator (muzzle brake) for AKM-type rifles. It helps to prevent AK from climbing up-right

Price: £29-00 angled compensator
Price: £12-00 thread COVER
STRELA compensator

STRELA (Arrow)14mm LH thread compensator (muzzle brake) for AK47 / AKM-type rifles from ME. It helps to prevent AK from climbing up-right

Price: £55-00 14x1 LH / CCW / SOLD OUT>
GHOST flash hiders

A new brand of 2-pcs serakoted steel flash hiders made by ME, which resemble the short barrelled Arsenal AK hider. Easy to disassemble for cleaning. They also help to suppress sound and recoil. Ideal for Sec1 AKM nad Zastava rifles. CLICK for second image

Price: £48-00 5.56mm / 24x1.5 / SOLD OUT>
Price: £49-00 7.62mm / 14mm / SOLD OUT>
(For sale to Section1 license holders in the UK / no restrictions in EU)
AK compensator's thread adaptor

14mm LH thread ADAPTOR designed to allow the use of modern DTKs compensators & muzzle brakes with 24X1.5 thread on older 14mm LH thread AKM / AK-47 rifles

Price: £28-00 Appx $32 / SOLD OUT>
AK-15 muzzle brake

Extreamly rare, collectable 7.62mm AK-15 quick-detach muzzle barke is new - direct supply form Izhmash factory, prevents the barrel from climbing up-right

Price: £144-00 Appx $145 / SOLD OUT>
AK-74 muzzle brake

East German 5.45mm muzzle brake, one-piece (Zig-Zag) or authentic unissued Soviet 5.45mm two-piece hammer forged. They also fit AK-101 assault rifles as well as Yunker-3 & Yunker-2 air rifles through M24x1.5 barrel thread; weight - 104g

Price: £43-00 Zig-Zag / SOLD OUT>
Price: £39-00 H-forged / SOLD OUT>

Please note - all firearms accessories are sold in the UK and abroad on the understanding that they are for personal use and will not be (re-)exported without the pre-requisite authorisation. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that they comply with relevant local licensing requirements

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