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DEACTIVATED 9mm VSS "Vintorez"sniper rifle

Brand new, fully operational, factory-deactivated VSS (Vintovka Snaiperskaya Spetsialnaya - Special Purpose Sniper Rifle) is a gas-operated silenced sniper rifle developed in the Soviet Union in 1987. Integrated suppressor hides muzzle flash and reduces muzzle report down to 130 dB. VSS is extremely effective as a CQB rifle at close range in urban combat. Its heavy subsonic bullet is designed to penetrate a standard steel helmet at upto 400m distance and set off a panic among enemy troops during "quiet" covert operations. It is capable to fire in both full and semi auto modes and it is normally fitted with the PSO-1 4x24 sniper sight with illuminated reticules, which fitted on integrated side rail on the left side of the receiver. Subsonic ammo is fed from 10 or 20-round detachable double-stack magazines. CLICK to view the opened receiver and the BOLT assembly

Calibre, mm
9x39 subsonic
Muzzle velocity, m/s
Fire mode
full / semi auto
Effective range, m
Magazine capacity, rds
Weight, kg
Length, mm
Cartridge type
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BRITISH & EUROPEAN MARKET Factory-deactivated VSS (MMG) is INERT model gun, with most of its parts manufactured as INERT prior to assembly process. Eg. the bolt carrier has an imitation INTEGRATED fake bolt (NOT detachable) machined as one piece at the factory, while its barrel is manufactured as DEACTIVATED - it has NEVER been a real barrel in the first place. Hence our VSS MMG falls under the definition of realistic imitation firearm (RIF) as described in Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 and its ownership requires a special exemption normally associated with individuals involved in film or theatrical performances as well as with re-enactors and registered collectors

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