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TGP-V Sound Suppressor / REPLICA

TGP-V dummy / replica suppressors are designed specifically for SVD airsoft and de-activated sniper rifles. They are alloy copies (3 pieces assembly), which lock on SVD's flash hider by twisting it around front sight and bayonet lug. We also offer a working version with Vintorez-style barrel_ports to suppress noise of air soft rifles just like on real thing

Price: £179-00  
Price: £189-00 W/ barrel ports
PBS-1 Sound Suppressor / REPLICA

ALL-STEEL construction PBS-1 dummy silencers comprise a "barrel extention tube" inside and come with the original 14mm LH thread (AKM / AK-47 / Bison-2). They are ideal for AK47 air BB rifles, airsoft AKs or as display pieces attached to de-activated guns

Price: £84-00 SOLD OUT>
DTK-4 KOCHEVNIK Sound Suppressor / REPLICA

ALLOY construction DTK-4 KOCHEVNIK dummy silencers comprise a "barrel extention tube" inside. We can drill some Vintorez-style "barrel ports" along that tube to suppress noise of airsoft and air BB rifles just like on a real firearm on order (CLICK to watch YouTube video of real DTK-4 tested with AK)

Price: £64-00 14x1mm CCW
Price: £64-00 24x1.5mm / CW
Price: £10-00 Drilling"barrel ports"

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