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M4A1 177 Co2 air rifle

4.5mm (.177) M4A1 semi-automatic Co2 air rifle

This brand new all-metal semi automatic CO2 BB air rifle is branded FN Herstal by CyberGun (AKA Huntsman / Huntex / Hell Boy etc.) - different brands, but manufactured by the same Chinese maker. The fully detachable magazine comprises both an 18 BBs feeding tube and a Co2 bulb. This M4 has the REAL dimentions of 5.56mm M4 and can take a real M9 bayonet and real M4 magazine with INERT ammo, effectively turning this rifle into a de-activated replica, which can be used for training. It has all the correct markings of a real rifle including a 3-position fire selector, 5.56mm calibre and serial number. The Co2 M4A1 imitates the high quality alluminium-made upper and lower receivers of a real weapon, with a steel gas tube and all moving parts including a charging handle, forward assist button and removable carry handle. What's more, we have increased the power of the magazine by appx 15%-20% by re-machining its main air valve to allow more air preasure into the barrel as an option. A spare magazine with increased energy of appx 4 Joules (450 fps) costs £59 as well as a seperate VALVE UNIT to fit into the existing magazine (magazine body)

Calibre, mm / inch
4.5 (.177)
Muzzle velocity, Fps / m-s
380 / 125
Energy, Joule
smooth steel
Fire action
Magazine capacity, BBs
Butt stock
Weight, kg
PRICE (Huntsman factory as on picture above and 20% power increase!)
PRICE (FN RIS standard factory - NO carry handle)
PRICE (FN RIS with power upgrade - NO carry handle)
Carry handle / £29
Carry handle + scope rail /£44
Spare factory mag / £45
Spare mag with increased energy 4J / £59
Spare Power Valve unit / £47
SCAR QD Silencer / £72
M4 Silencer / £20

< Check out our new video on YouTube featuring GP-25 and M4 rifles with M203 launchers in action ! © RusMilitary / 16.09.23

M4A1 CQB SHORT BARREL Co2 177 air rifle
PRICE £210 (FN standard factory)
PRICE £225 (inc power upgrade)
M4 CQB R.I.S. (FN Herstal) features the same specs as above + shorter barrel with R.I.S. handguards + carry handle. Power upgrade - 4 Joules (appx 450 fps)
M16 Co2 177 air rifle
PRICE £179 (standard factory)  
PRICE £195 (inc power upgrade)
M16A1 Vietnam features the same specs as above + longer barrel with longer M16 handguards. Carry handle and upper are one piece. Power upgrade - 4 Joules (appx 450 fps)

FN Herstal Tactical M4A1 Co2 air rifle + Chimera M203 grenade launcher package

PRICE £268 (inc power upgrade)
FN M4A1 R.I.S. package includes FN Herstal rifle with power upgrade magazine (£239) and detachable full-metal carry handle (£29)
PRICE £224 (M203 + EVO Co2)
PRICE £272 (M203 + KC)
CHIMERA M203 FULL METAL under barrel grenade launcher (Double Bell short or long M203 with RE-BUILT trigger to fire TAG grenades) is sold as a pyrotechnic accessory for an airgun or airsoft gun, hence is subject to age restriction of 18 (proof of age / ID is required). Pls note, the original factory firing pin is not pushing far enough to initiate the launch. Price includes M203 (£99) + TAG Inn Shell Evo Pro Co2 cartridge (£120) or TAG Inn KC (Kick Charge) spring-loaded cartridge (£168). CLICK to view a range of grenades and extra cartridges. We also offer a FREE barrel spacer (anodised aluminium) and a rubber seal with each M203 and M4A1 sold in order to give the M203 front barrel clamp a proper grip. CLICK to view details. Despite the trigger modification, Chimera M203 remains fully compatible with MOSCART gas grenades (!)


As promised, here are his my fully kitted out M4A1 CQB carbine, plus some targets I have shot. In addition to your superbly effective moderator (that dab of Loctite is still doing the bizz!) and Fab Defence GL-Core butt stock, I have added a forward grip plus picatinny carry handle adapter and latest spec Hawke 1 x 30 Vantage Red Dot scope (which I would say is the ideal combo for this gun!). Thus far my M4A1 CQB has proven to be totally reliable, and has digested, with no jams etc. a diet of HK steel ball, Webley lead ball FCJ (low ricochet) & Dust Devil; although the Webley lead ball FCJ does seem to be the best for accuracy. Granted, not a HFT or FT set up, but for informal back yard target and general can busting, as you can see by the targets, more than good enough - the smaller target shot at 6 yards and the home-made Figure 11 shot at 13 yards with the red dot.

I would say to anybody that wants a fully functioning (as all the controls work) "Deac" for weapons displays, with the added bonus of then being able to actually have a pop in your back yard, just get one (or possibly two, if you want to go Apocalypse Now as well!!). I would fully endorse any of Olegs guns, as the quality and levels of customer service are top notch, and I personally think that my M4A1 CQB looks as sexy as hell!! And yes, please put this up on the site Oleg! Best wishes, Leon

Conditions of purchase in the UK (MAIL ORDER): NO LISENCE REQUIRED ! but in accordance with Violent Crime Reduction Act (Section 33: Age limits for purchase etc of air weapons), from October 2007 customers are required to prove their age when purchasing this product in person (18 years of age or over!). The transaction of an airgun is to be conducted face-to-face or through your nearest airgun or firearms shop/ retailor. A document confirming your age will be required on collection of an airgun. The above law does not apply to customers overseas. To find your nearest Air Gun retailor search www.yell.com or come and collect by appointment. Mail order sale of airgun silencers, replacement barrels and BB ammunition to over 18 ONLY! You MUST confirm your age by e-mail or in writing

EU / Europe airguns can be shipped safely to any EU member country for JUST £30. All parcels are insured and trackable via internet

USA / Canada / Norway / Switzerland / Non-EU markets we DO NOT ship air guns to non-EU countries

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