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4.5mm (.177) FAL Para semi-automatic Co2 air rifle

Introducing the Huntsman Branded FAL Para Air Rifle, crafted with precision and inspired by the iconic FAL carbine, this air rifle promises an exhilarating experience for back garden shooting enthusiasts. Equipped with a 12g Co2 cartridge cleverly housed in the magazine, this rifle unleashes 4.5mm steel BBs with an estimated 500 fps muzzle velocity. The attention to detail is impeccable, featuring a plastic handguard and an adjustable stock reminiscent of the real FAL firearm. Whether you're honing your marksmanship skills or simply enjoying the thrill of target practice, this FAL Para Air Rifle delivers an authentic shooting experience in a safe and controlled environment. High quality full metal receiver and barrel assembly is CNC machined and completed with dust cover Picatinny rail and nylon fiber pistol grip, hand guards, solid fixed butt stock, functional bolt-catch and bolt release as well as adjustable rear and front sights

The FAL, or Fusil Automatique Léger (Light Automatic Rifle), holds legendary status in the real world and among sporting /shooting enthusiasts for several compelling reasons. Designed by Belgian arms designer Dieudonné Saive, the FAL gained fame as a reliable and versatile battle rifle, widely adopted by military forces across the globe. Its robust construction, ease of use, and the ability to fire powerful 7.62mm NATO rounds contributed to its widespread acclaim. Beyond its military applications, the FAL became a symbol of precision engineering and excellence in the world of firearms. Sporting and shooting enthusiasts are drawn to the FAL for its iconic design, historical significance, and the thrill of experiencing its legendary performance in various shooting disciplines.

Calibre, mm / inch
4.5 (.177)
Muzzle velocity, FPS
Energy, Joule
smooth steel
Fire action
Magazine capacity, BBs
Butt stock
fixed polymer
Weight, kg
Factory mag / 500 fps / £45
SCAR QD Silencer / £72
SCAR + Barrel Extention / £99
Barrel Extention + steel flash hider + FAL bayonet / £145

The .177 / 4.5mm FAL Para Co2 rifles come from the previously known manufacturer (importer) of M4A1 and M16 rifles - Huntsman and appear to be the same in design and construction as those from other importers like Huntex, CyberGun etc. In reality all of these rifles are manufactured by the same maker in China and promoted in Europe by different importers under their own brands and names. Astonishingly, the FAL Para (short barrel) is the first rifle which was deliberately made more powerful. The brand-new 500 fps High Power Valve inside the valve unit gives you a light recoil (!), while the 12" (30cm) long barrel makes it very acurate with and without a silencer. We recommend the use of copper-coated lead BBs which reduce the possibility of excessively violent ricochet. Optional SCAR QD suppressor comes with a steel flash hider and a 12cm long barrel extention as a second option. Both fit FAL perfectly and currently available as a supplement when purchased with a rifle as we have very few in stock. Buy from us with confidence ! because we check and make sure that each rifle and spare magazine is fitted with High Power Valve!

FAL Huntsman 177 Co2 air rifles
FAL 177 Co2 air rifles
The custom-built FAL alloy barrel extention with permamently fixed steel Belgian style flash hider (170mm total length) and FN FAL Type C tubular bayonet with plastic scabbard (to over 18 ONLY!). 14mm CCW thread to fit FAL Co2 rifles / £165

Conditions of purchase in the UK (MAIL ORDER): NO LISENCE REQUIRED ! but in accordance with Violent Crime Reduction Act (Section 33: Age limits for purchase etc of air weapons), from October 2007 customers are required to prove their age when purchasing this product in person (18 years of age or over!). The transaction of an airgun is to be conducted face-to-face or through your nearest airgun or firearms shop/ retailor. A document confirming your age will be required on collection of an airgun. The above law does not apply to customers overseas. To find your nearest Air Gun retailor search or come and collect by appointment. Mail order sale of airgun silencers, replacement barrels and BB ammunition to over 18 ONLY! You MUST confirm your age by e-mail or in writing

EU / Europe airguns can be shipped safely to any EU member country for JUST £30. All parcels are insured and trackable via internet

USA / Canada / Norway / Switzerland / Non-EU markets we DO NOT ship air guns to non-EU countries

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