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RPK folding stock set (5-piece)

Authentic RPK-74 black polymer folding stock set from Molot factory, which includes buttstock, handguards, pistol grip & rear trunion

Price: £249-00 COMPLETE SET / <SOLD OUT>
Price: £49-00 Polymer buttstock <SOLD OUT>
Price: £00-00 Butt's hinge <SOLD OUT>
Price: £22-00 Hand guards (NO gas tube)
VEPR-12 laminated furniture set

Made in Russia after-market DELUX quality laminated plywood furniture set inc hand guards and pistol grip (3 pcs) for VEPR-12 shotgun

Price: £144-00 Appx $145 / SOLD OUT>
VEPR-12 folding stock set (5-piece)

Authentic VEPR-12 stock set from Molot factory includes a 'skeleton' folding buttstock, rear trunion with hardware, black polymer hand guards with picatinny rail & pistol grip (COMPLETE SET). Spare butt stock hinge gives you an option of fitting a different stock type or changing an angle of the stock

Price: £249-00 COMPLETE SET / <SOLD OUT>
Price: £69-00 Butt stock only (NO trunion)
Price: £19-00 Upper HG & gas tube
Price: £38-00 Lower HG with 3 rails
Price: £19-00 Pistol grip
Price: £24-00 Buttstock hinge + 2 pins >>
VEPR folding stock hardware

The original MOLOT 3-pcs folding stock mechanism including

Price: £16-00 Appx $20
MOLOT picatinny vertical grip

The original MOLOT vertical polymer grip with Picatinny clamps at the top fitted with 2 bolts

Price: £32-00 <SOLD OUT>
AK-100 recoil pad

The original AK-100 series recoil pad can be attached to any modern solid polymer folding AK / Saiga butt stock. Its unique feature is that it is fixed permanently and does not have to be removed when the butt stock is in folded position. It also increases the butt's lenth by 1 inch. View the BIG picture

Price: £46-00 1 pad / $50
Price: £44-00 2 or more / $48 each
GP-30 underbarrel grenade launcher recoil pad for AK47/74 rifles

Originally designed to suppress recoil of 40mm GP-25 grenade launcher, this recoil pad fits any factory-made AK buttstock (AK-47/74 wooden; AKS-74 'skeleton'; Saiga rifles & shotguns' buttstocks. Velcro strap is optional / view the BIG picture

Price: £27-00 Black
Price: £28-00 Brown
Price: £ 4-95 Velcro strap <SOLD OUT>
Soviet AK-47 & AKM gas tubes

Authentic Soviet AK-47 (with gas vents) and AKM gas tubes, direct supply from Soviet stocks, unissued (NEW!) or mint condition (handguard not included)

Price: £23-00 AK-47 <SOLD OUT>
Price: £24-00 RPK - Russian
AK recoil spring & AKMS under-folding buttstock

Authentic military-grade parts are ideal to replace parts on Saigas & RomAks. AKMS underfolder is made by Arsenal BG

Price: £19-00 AK recoil spring <SOLD OUT>
Price: £149-00 AKMS stock (full assembly)
SVD buttstock & hand-guards

Modern Russain SVD (Tigr) 3pcs black polymer furniture inc fixed buttstock with adjustable cheek pad and heat-resistant polymer handguards with metal insertions. Manufactured by Izhmash

Price: £189-00  
SVD cheek pad

A set of two-piece cheek pad & rivets for modern Russain SVD (Tigr) sniping rifle. Manufactured by Izhmash

Price: £29-00  
TAPCO Saiga-12 shotgun / 308 rifle tactical furniture

US-made set of polymer furniture from TAPCO to replce a sporter-type Saiga-12 or .308 rifle buttstock. The Intrafuse set includes an M-16 type collapsible buttstock with intergrated pistol grip + tactical forearm

Price: £149-00 Black
Price: £149-00 Dark Earth
Saiga-12 folding buttstock (SVDS type)

Originally hand-made for Saiga-12, this SVDS-type folding butt stock with cheek pad will replce any AK/Saiga folding butt stock. Not cheap, but makes it ideal when shooting with telescopic / red dot sight, thanks to adjustable cheek pad. Type 2 comes with factory-installed MSV recoil pad, which makes the butt 29cm (11.5") long

Price: £310-00 Type 1 / <SOLD OUT>
Price: £279-00 Type 2 (MSV) / <SOLD OUT>
Saiga-12 buttstock retaining kit

Manufactured by Izhmash 4-piece mechanism designed to retain the buttstock in folding position

Price: £36-00 <SOLD OUT>
Saiga sniping buttstock (SVD type)

Manufactured by Izhmash, SVD-type black polymer buttstock with cheek pad for Saiga's receiver to replace the existing 'civilian' wooden or polymer buttstock on Saiga 7.62 / 12 / 20 / 410 rifles/shotguns which has trigger mechanism moved back

Price: £84-00 <SOLD OUT>
PKM accessories set

Eastern Bloc PKM accessories set includes an 100-r ammo box, laminated buttstock, plastic 2-pc carry grip panel & pistol grip, long & short flash hiders, 1500m rear sight, sling, bipod with a built-in 3-pc cleaning rod (FHs are NOT for sale in the UK!)

Price: £108-00 Ammo box W/ 100-r belt
Price: £74-00 Bipod w/o cleaning rod / SOLD OUT>
Price: £89-00 Bipod w/ cleaning rod / SOLD OUT>
Price: £46-00 Long FH (NOT for sale in the UK !)
Price: £44-00 Short FH (NOT for sale in the UK !)
Price: £149-00 3-pcs stock set inc grips & panels
Price: £32-00 3-pcs cleaning rod / rounded
Price: £39-00 1500m rear sight / SOLD OUT>
Price: £36-00 Sling

Please note - all firearms accessories are sold in the UK and abroad on the understanding that they are for personal use and will not be (re-)exported without the pre-requisite authorisation. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that they comply with relevant local licensing requirements

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