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TR-3 (AK-12) hand guards

The original Izhmash-made TR-3 (AK-12) heat resistant extended polymer hand guards (20.5cm) with improved ventilation. Lower HG also features a metal heat shield. Extremely rear and in very limited quantities. View IMAGE 2

Price: £144-00 Appx $150 / (shipped from UK)
VEPR-12 gas tube & pistol grip

Authentic VEPR-12 black polymer upper hand guard with gas tube, polymer pistol grip and 3-pcs folding stock mechanism

Price: £29-00 Upper HG / SOLD OUT>
Price: £25-00 Pistol grip / appx $25
Price: £16-00 3-pcs folding set
AKM / AK-74 polymer furniture set

Made in Eastern Europe 4-pcs polymer furniture set in black for AK stamped receiver (AKM / AK74 / CyberGun BB rifle etc) are made of durable polymer and remain functional in temperatures from minus -40'C to plus +120'C degrees centigrade. They will not break or crack when dropped or even when run over by an SUV. Pls note these sets of furniture can be delivered in large commercial quantites on order from Army / Police and government contractors

Price: £89-00 4-pcs fixed stock set / BLACK
Price: £55-00 3-pcs stock set / BLACK
AK-74M folding buttstock

NEW (NOS) black polymer buttstock manufactured by Izhmash. Normally fitted on AK-74M, all AK-100 series rifles and some Saiga shotguns. It can be easily replaced with AK 'skeleton' folding stock as they both share 5.5mm wide hinge

Price: £130-00 Appx $135
AK-100 recoil pad

The original AK-100 series recoil pad (AK-74M / AK-103 / Saiga-12) can be attached to any modern solid polymer folding AK / Saiga butt stock (see above). Its unique feature is that it is fixed permanently and does not have to be removed when the butt stock is in folded position. It also increases the butt's lenth by 1 inch. View the BIG picture

Price: £55-00 Appx $56
AKS-74 folding buttstock

New AKS-74 "skeleton" butt stocks to be fitted on AK-74M and AKS-74 type rifles. They are interchangable / replacable with Izhmash polymer folding butt stock (see above) and come with 5.5mm hinge (pin is not included)

Price: £135-00 AKS Butt (5.5mm) / SOLD OUT>
AKS-74U (Krinkov) recoil pad

Russian-made AKS-74U recoil pads with STAR logo comprise a soft metal plate to allow the shape of the pad to be changed. This permanently attached by 2 screws pad allows the skeleton buttstock to be folded without removing the pad. CLICK to view a larger image

Price: £28-00 Appx $29
AK-19 folding buttstock

Brand new L-shaped folding collapsible butt stock manufactured by Izhmash for AK-19. Extreamly rare and collectable with steel 5.5mm hinge (connecting pin and trunion are not available at present). CLICK to view it istalled on AK-105 (Saiga)

Price: £420-00 AK-19 butt stock
AKM /AK-74 recoil pad

Originally designed to suppress recoil of 40mm GP-25 grenade launcher, our recoil pads are of Russian origin and fit any factory-made AK buttstocks (AK-47/74 wooden; AKS-74 'skeleton'; Saiga rifles & shotguns' buttstocks. Velcro strap is optional / view the BIG picture

Price: £35-00 Black
Price: £34-00 Brown
Price: £ 4-95 Velcro strap / SOLD OUT>
AKMS underfolding butt stock

Brand new, made in Eastern Europe stock set comes with rear trunion to be fitted in the the rear of stamped AK receiver. Stamped temperature-treated steel kit also includes a complete set of small assembly parts

Price: £210-00 for AKM / AK-100 receivers
AKMS cheek pad

This cheek pad by ME was specially designed for AKMS underfolding stock in order to line up shooters' eye comfortably when telescopic or red dot sights are used. The height is adjustable by 4cm

Price: £69-00 Appx $78 / SOLD OUT>
SVD buttstock & hand-guards

The original Russain SVD (TIGR) 3-pcs black heat resistant polymer stock set including fixed buttstock with adjustable cheek pad and 2-piece hand guards. A perfect fit to Norinco NDM-86 rifle. Manufactured by Izhmash

Price: £420-00 Appx $440 + $30 shipping (shipped from the UK)

CLICK to view current stock!

Russian SVD TIGR polymer stock set

Please note - all firearms accessories are sold in the UK and abroad on the understanding that they are for personal use and will not be (re-)exported without the pre-requisite authorisation. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that they comply with relevant local licensing requirements

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