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RPK folding stock set (5-piece)

Authentic RPK-74 black polymer folding stock set from Molot factory, which includes buttstock, handguards, pistol grip & rear trunion with a hinge, pin, spring, lever & belt swivel, Image1 / Image2 / Image3

Price: £219-00  COMPLETE SET <SOLD OUT>
Price: £49-00 Polymer buttstock <SOLD OUT>
Price: £82-00 Butt's hinge <SOLD OUT>
Price: £27-00 Handguards (NO gas tube)
VEPR-12 folding stock set (5-piece)

Authentic VEPR-12 stock set from Molot factory includes a 'skeleton' folding buttstock, rear trunion with hardware, black polymer hand guards with picatinny rail & pistol grip (COMPLETE SET). Spare butt stock hinge gives you an option of fitting a different stock type or changing an angle of the stock

Price: £219-00  COMPLETE SET <SOLD OUT>
Price: £69-00 Butt stock only (NO trunion)
Price: £19-00 Upper HG & gas tube
Price: £38-00 Lower HG with 3 rails
Price: £19-00 Pistol grip
Price: £24-00 Buttstock hinge + 2 pins >>
VEPR folding stock hardware

The original MOLOT 3-pcs folding stock mechanism including

Price: £16-00 Appx $20
MOLOT picatinny vertical grip

The original MOLOT vertical polymer grip with Picatinny clamps at the top fitted with 2 bolts

Price: £34-00 <SOLD OUT>
Saiga-12 recoil pad

The original Saiga-12 recoil rubber pad can be also attached to AK folding polymer buttstock

Price: £49-00 <SOLD OUT>
GP-30 underbarrel grenade launcher recoil pad for AK47/74 rifles

Originally designed to suppress recoil of 40mm GP-25 grenade launcher, this recoil pad fits any factory-made AK buttstock (AK-47/74 wooden; AKS-74 'skeleton'; Saiga rifles & shotguns' buttstocks. Velcro strap is optional / view the BIG picture

Price: £29-00 Black
Price: £28-00 Brown
Price: £ 4-95 Velcro strap <SOLD OUT>
Soviet AK-47 & AKM gas tubes

Authentic Soviet AK-47 (with gas vents) and AKM gas tubes, direct supply from Soviet stocks, unissued (NEW!) or mint condition (handguard not included)

Price: £23-00 AK-47
Price: £22-00 AKM <SOLD OUT>
AK recoil spring & AKMS under-folding buttstock

Authentic military-grade parts are ideal to replace parts on Saigas & RomAks

Price: £19-00 AK recoil spring
Price: £54-00 AKMS stock <SOLD OUT>
SVD buttstock & hand-guards

Modern Russain SVD (Tigr) 3pcs black polymer furniture inc fixed buttstock with adjustable cheek pad and heat-resistant polymer handguards with metal insertions. Manufactured by Izhmash

Price: £189-00  
SVD cheek pad

A set of two-piece cheek pad & rivets for modern Russain SVD (Tigr) sniping rifle. Manufactured by Izhmash

Price: £29-00  
TAPCO Saiga-12 shotgun / 308 rifle tactical furniture

US-made set of polymer furniture from TAPCO to replce a sporter-type Saiga-12 or .308 rifle buttstock. The Intrafuse set includes an M-16 type collapsible buttstock with intergrated pistol grip + tactical forearm

Price: £149-00 Black
Price: £149-00 Dark Earth
Saiga 12 / 20 tactical handguard & wooden handguard

Heat-resistant polymer hand guard has a Picatinny (20mm Weaver) rail made of the same material underneath. This rail is designed to take forearm grip (see below), a tactical torch or IR illuminator for NV sight use. The foregrip will fit both Saiga 12 and Saiga 20 shotguns; Saiga 12/20 wooden handguard has a nice dark oak finish (dark brown)

Price: £66-00 polymer <SOLD OUT>
Price: £29-00 <SOLD OUT>
Saiga-12 tactical pistol grip

A 2-piece black polymer grip originally made for Saiga-12 shotgun, which also fits any other weapon based on AK stamped receiver

Price: £24-00 <SOLD OUT> 
Saiga-12 folding buttstock (SVDS type)

Originally hand-made for Saiga-12, this SVDS-type folding butt stock with cheek pad will replce any AK/Saiga folding butt stock. Not cheap, but makes it ideal when shooting with telescopic / red dot sight, thanks to adjustable cheek pad. Type 2 comes with factory-installed MSV recoil pad, which makes the butt 29cm (11.5") long

Price: £310-00 Type 1 / <SOLD OUT>
Price: £279-00 Type 2 (MSV) / $360
MSV-6-2 recoil pad

Izhmash-made MSV-6-2 recoil pad / butt extention is specifically designed for SVDS skeleton buttstock as well as SVDS-type Saiga-12 butt (Bolts may be required to be replaced with screws - NOT included)

Price: £49-00 <SOLD OUT>
Saiga-12 buttstock retaining kit

Manufactured by Izhmash 4-piece mechanism designed to retain the buttstock in folding position

Price: £36-00 <SOLD OUT>
Saiga sniping buttstock (SVD type)

Manufactured by Izhmash, SVD-type black polymer buttstock with cheek pad for Saiga's receiver to replace the existing 'civilian' wooden or polymer buttstock on Saiga 7.62 / 12 / 20 / 410 rifles/shotguns which has trigger mechanism moved back

Price: £84-00 <SOLD OUT>

Please note - all firearms accessories are sold in the UK and abroad on the understanding that they are for personal use and will not be (re-)exported without the pre-requisite authorisation. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that they comply with relevant local licensing requirements

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