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Soviet Army Small Arms Posters
7.62x39 AKMS (Modernized AK 47) assault rifle with folding butt; size 17"x24" (43x60cm) Price: £6.95
9mm PB pistol with silencer; size 17"x24" (43x60cm) Price: £6.95
9mm/40mm 'GROZA' assault weapon; size 17"x24" (43x 60cm). Price: £6.95
RPG-7D 'Paratrooper' anti-tank grenade launcher; size 17"x 24" (43x60cm). Price: £6.95
7.62X54 SVU Para sniping rifle; 7.62x 54; size 17"x24" (43x60cm). Price: £6.95
7.62mm NRS-2 shooting knife; size 17"x24" (43x60cm). Price: £6.95
Kalashnikov assault rifles including 7.62x39 AK-47 & AKM size 11"x17" (28x 43cm). Price: £12.95
7.62x39 AKM (Modernized AK-47) assault rifle; size 23"x35" (60x90cm) Price: £16.00


7.62x54R Dragunov SVD sniping rifle; size 23"x35" (60x90cm). Price: £16.00
1891/30 Mosin-Nagant sniping rifle (Trehlineika) with PE, PEM, PU; size 11"x17" (28 x 43cm). Price: £12.95 <SOLD OUT>
SKS-45 Simonov Carbine; 7.62x 54; size 11"x17" (28x43cm) or 23"x35" (60x90cm). Price: £12.95 / £17.00
9mm Makarov pistol; size 23"x35" (60x90cm). Price: £19.00
  Russian Spetsnaz soldiers posters from Bratishka magazine

A2 format 17"x23" / 42x60cm

"Terrorism is a disease - here comes the Doctor !"

Price: £4-95
Price: £4-95
Price: £4-95
  _or get ALL three for just
Price: £12-95
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