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> Due to the latest intoduction of the Home Office guidance and additional measures relating to EU Commission Regulation 2015/2403 on de-activated firearms, we are unable to continue to import and trade in factory-deactivated assault rifles and machine guns of MMG type
DEACTIVATED 7.62mm PK general purpose machine gun
Designed by M. Kalashnikov in 1961, the PK general-purpose machine gun was adopted in four basic versions: light machine gun firing from an integral bipod – PK; medium machine gun firing from a universal tripod – PKS; tank coaxial machine gun – PKT; and machine gun for armoured personnel carriers – PKB. The PK was improved in 1969 and became a lighter PKM (Pulemet Kalashnikova Modernised) machinegun. The PK is a gas operated, belt fed, air cooled, automatic only, machine gun. It fires at a rate of 650rpm from an open bolt and has a quick detachable barrel. The gas system consists of a gas chamber with a manual gas regulator, and a long stroke gas piston located under the barrel. Locking is achieved through a rotating bolt with dual locking lugs. Copies of Kalashnikov GPMG were or still are manufactured in Bulgaria, China, Iran, Poland, Serbia (former Yugoslavia). Our deactivated MGs come from Bulgaria (circled mark 10) and are new and fully operational (all MOVING PARTS - field-strippable / front VIEW ). They feature permamently fixed bipod & orange polymer furniture inc fixed stock, pistol grip & carry-handle. They come with UK-issued deactivation certificate (tripod is optional)
Calibre, mm
Muzzle velocity, m/s
Rate of fire, r/m
Sighting range, m
Ammo box capacity, rds
Weight, kg (w/o ammo box)
Overall length , mm
Fire mode (gas operated)
full auto

PKM allows:

- the operation of the safety switch to set the trigger mechanism to fully automatic or safety positions

- the cocking of the trigger mechanism by pulling the bolt carrier back

- dry-firing / pulling the trigger with a "click" effect

- installation of ammo belt with inert rounds and drop-feeding into a the bolt carrier (NO chambering ! - the chambered round would be smashed against the welded chamber and destroyed)

PRE-95 UK spec: all moving parts / field-strippable

BRITISH & EUROPEAN MARKET: PK GPMG comes with the UK deactivation certificate, which is recognised in ALL European countries - members of CIP. Shipping cost within the UK: £25 and £60 to Europe

USA / Canada / New Zealand / Non-EU: Due to the fact that deactivated rifles have a real receiver (gun part banned for importation into the US), we do not sell deactivated guns to non-EU countries. Pls do NOT attempt to buy online - this type of goods will not be shipped !

It is illegal to own deactivated guns if you are under the age of 18. Please comply with our laws by enclosing a short note saying: "I declare that I am over 18 years of age" and sign or declared your age by e-mail

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