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DE-ACTIVATED AN-94 "ABAKAN" assault rifle (CLICK to view the other side)

The AN-94 assault rifle was officially adopted by the Russian Army in 1994 as a possible replacement for the AK-100 series assault rifles. The AN index stands for "Avtomat Nikonova" or Nikonov Assault rifle named after its designer Gennady Nikonov at the IZHMASH arms factory. At present AN-94 is considered as the "professionals choice" and issused in limited quantities to the elite forces of the Russian Army, police and Internal Affairs Ministry due to its rather complicated design, production cost and the cost related to training in achiving its effective use in combat (cost of training would be similar to that one applied to a SVD sniper). The key improvement of the AN-94 over the AK-74 is the introduction of the 2-rounds burst mode, added to the standard single shots and full auto. The two rounds bursts are fired at very high rate of fire which allows a sharp shooter to put 2 bullets in the same place at 100 meter distance. Our AN-94s were deactivated at the factory in Russia (all moving parts / field-strippable) and come with Russian MMG deactivation certificate. More information can be found at http://world.guns.ru/assault/rus/an-94-abakan-e.html
Calibre, mm
Muzzle velocity, m/s
Bullet weight, g
Sighting range, m
Magazine capacity, rds
30 / 45 / 60
Weight, kg
Length, mm
943 (728)
Cartridge type
5.45 x 39
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BRITISH & EUROPEAN MARKET: Deactivated AN-94 (MMG) has gained a Type approval by the Russian authorities, member of International Proof Commission (CIP) and modification of its parts excludes any possibility of converting it into an active firearm. This type of deactivated weapons does NOT require the UK proof marks, due to its compliance with European Weapons Directive 91/477 EEC Annex III (a): For the purposes of this Annex objects which corresponds to the definition of a 'firearm' shall not be included in that definition if they: (a) have been rendered permanently unfit for use by the application of technical procedures which are guaranteed by an official body or recognised by such a body. In this case, this body is the Russian Proof Authority. As for the latest Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006, 'deactivated firearms and antique imitations (such as old dummy rifles used for drill practice) are expressly excluded from the definition of realistic imitation firearm and are therefore not affected by the new offence either'. RusMilitary takes full responsibility for the safe shipping of deactivated weapons to any European country (EU), which is a member of European Union. All goods are insured and Credit Card payments are welcome

USA / NON-EU MARKETS: Due to the fact that deactivated rifles have a real receiver (gun part banned for importation into the US), we do not sell deacts to the US or any other non-EU country

It is illegal to own the AN-94 DEACT, if you are under the age of 18. Please comply with our laws by enclosing a short note saying: "I declare that I am over 18 years of age" and sign !

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