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DEACTIVATED 12.7mm DShK heavy machinegun

Officially adopted by Red Army in 1939, DShK "Krupnokaliberny Pulemet Degtyareva-Shpagina, DShK" (Degtyarev-Shpagin, large caliber) has been in production up until 1980. It was used throughout the WW2 as an anti-aircraft weapon, and also as an heavy infantry support machinegun. Our stock includes a modernised version DShK-M (DShK Modernised) also known as DShKM-38/46. This version was also used as AA-gun mounted on some Russian tanks and armour vehicles (T-55, T-62, BTR-155). DShKM was widely exported to Soviet-friendly nations and regimes. It was also manufactured in other countries, such as Poland, China, Iran, Yugoslavia and Pakistan. It was widely used in numerous "local wars", including Afghan campaigns. DShKM was one of the most sucessful designs of its time. 12.7mm (.50) AP bullets fired from this HMG, could pierce 15mm armor plate at 500m. DShK is a belt-fed, air-cooled, gas-operated weapon that fires only in full-auto. Gas system has the 3 positions gas regulator. Bolt is locked in the receiver via two horisontally pivoted locking flaps, attached to the bolt. The HMG comes with a tripod, detachable AA sight, detachable anti-recoil unit, a belt box with inert rounds and deactivation certificate. CLICK to view stripped parts

Calibre, mm
12.7 x 109 (.50)
Muzzle velocity, m/s
Rate of fire, rounds/min
Belt 50 rounds
Weight MG body, kg
Length, mm
Length of barrel, mm
DShKM (inc tripod, mount, detachable anti-recoil unit, anti-aircraft sight, detachable ammo box W/ belt and inert ammo) is available for hire by Film/TV companies
DShK live / deactivated on order in Eastern Europe (inc tripod, mount, detachable ammo box W/ belt). Price: £17,000 (EX-WORKS + delivery and taxes)
or deactivated on order

DShK allows:

- operation of the safety lever to set the trigger mechanism to full-automatic or safety positions

- cocking of the trigger mechanism by pulling the bolt carrier back, using the lever with a handle positioned under receiver at the back of the gun

- pulling of the trigger and releasing the bolt carrier

- lifting the lid of feeding mechanism and feeding the belt


Deactivation specifications
- the chamber is sealed by welding
- the bolt is cut at an angle
- the firing pin channel is welded


PRE-95 UK spec: all moving parts

BRITISH & EUROPEAN MARKETS DSHK HMG comes with UK deactivation certificate, which is recognised in ALL European countries - members of CIP

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Available for Film / TV hire
and pay cash for de-activated DShK HMG, mount and tripod !