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F-1 deactivated hand grenade

Brand new Soviet F-1 defensive hand grenade, also known as "Limonka" is hollow inside and has a screw-in fuse with a plunger (sharp end is cutt off). Explosive charge and detonator were removed. Similar to "Pineapple" grenade, "Limonka" has a distinctive solid 'ribbed' iron body. Unlike the 'offensive' grenades (eg. RGD-5), which contain alluminium foil desinged to inflict light injuries (deep cuts) rather then to kill, F-1's fragments can be fatal at upto 200m distance. These grenades are ideal for military training purposes
Price: £36-00 1 grenade
Price: £39-95 1 grenade in X-mas presentation TIN BOX !
Price: £720-00 Box of 20

RGD-5 training hand grenade

Brand new training RGD-5 offensive hand grenade is hollow inside and has a rubberised body with screw-in fuse and a plunger (sharp end is cutt off). Unlike the 'defensive' grenades (eg. F-1), which have a solid 'ribbed' iron body, RGD-5's fragments are meant to inflict light injuries (deep cuts) in close combat (in trenches) rather then to kill. These grenades are designed for military training purposes

Price: £27-00  

BRITISH and EU MARKETS We can ship inert grenades, shells & mines to all customers in the UK aged 18 or over (NO LICENSE REQUIRED !)I NERT grenades can also be shipped safely to any European country member of EU (!) at an average cost of £35. All parcels are insured and trackable via internet. Minimum EU order - two (2) grenades

USA / Canada / New Zealand / Non-EU We do not sell INERT grenades to NON-EU countries

It is illegal to own INERT SHELLS, MINE & GRENADES if you are under the age of 18. Please comply with our laws by enclosing a short note saying: "I declare that I am over 18 years of age" and sign !

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