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> Due to the latest intoduction of the Home Office guidance and additional measures relating to EU Commission Regulation 2015/2403 on de-activated firearms, we are unable to continue to import and trade in factory-deactivated assault rifles and machine guns of MMG type
DEACTIVATED 5.45mm AK-74 assault rifle
Brand new, fully operational, factory-deactivated rifle from the biggest supplier of the AKs to the world market IZHMASH ZAVOD. The AK-74 features fixed polymer buttstock & foregrips or laminated wooden furniture inc fixed stock and hand-guards. The original factory-sealed package includes: deactivated magazine, cleaning accessories kit, cleaning rod and Russian Deactivation Certificate in English. All riflers feature the pre-95 UK deactivation specifications - all moving parts / field strippable. Each AK comes with our complimentory AK sling. Also available: Bayonets; 5.45x39 inert ammo; 30 & 45-round steel or bakelite magazines
Calibre, mm
Muzzle velocity, m/s
Bullet weight, g
Sighting range, m
Magazine capacity, rds
Weight, kg
Dimentions, mm
943 x 195 x 70
Catridge type
5.45 x 39
PRICE (all-black plastic furniture)

AK-74 allows:

- the operation of the safety lever to set the trigger mechanism to the semi-automatic, full-automatic or safety positions - the cocking of the trigger mechanism by pulling the bolt carrier back and letting it go - the pulling of the trigger- the installation of AK74 bayonet- the installation of GP-30 underbarrel grenade launcher


Deactivation specifications
- in place covered by wooden hand guards the barrel has 3 cross holes equal in diameter to caliber of the barrel
- the chamber is sealed by welding
- the bolt is cut at an angle
- the firing pin channel is welded
- the bolt locking lugs on the bolt and ledges on the receiver are removed
- the piston head of bolt carrier is filed off
- the lower safety lug on the bolt carrier will cause chambering of two cartridges at a time, which would make shooting impossible

- the magazine cartridge guides are removed to make loading impossible


PRE-95 UK spec: all moving parts / field-strippable
BRITISH & EUROPEAN MARKET Deactivated AK-74 (MMG) has gained a Type approval by the Russian authorities, member of International Proof Commission (CIP) and modification of its parts excludes any possibility of converting it into an active firearm. This type of deactivated weapons does NOT require the UK proof marks, due to its compliance with European Weapons Directive 91/477 EEC Annex III (a): For the purposes of this Annex objects which corresponds to the definition of a 'firearm' shall not be included in that definition if they: (a) have been rendered permanently unfit for use by the application of technical procedures which are guaranteed by an official body or recognised by such a body. In this case, this body is the Russian Proof Authority. As for the latest Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006, 'deactivated firearms and antique imitations (such as old dummy rifles used for drill practice) are expressly excluded from the definition of realistic imitation firearm and are therefore not affected by the new
offence either'. RusMilitary takes full responsibility for the safe shipping of deactivated weapons to any European country, which is a member of European Union, All parcels are insured and trackable via internet. We can ship deactivated AK-74 (MMG) rifles to all customers in the UK aged 18 or over (NO LICENSE REQUIRED !). Please e-mail a proof of age - a picture of valid UK driving license or passport
USA / Canada / New Zealand / Non-EU: Due to the fact that deactivated rifles have a real receiver (gun part banned from importation into the US), we do not sell deactivated guns to non-EU countries. Pls do NOT attempt to buy online - this type of goods will not be shipped !

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