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> 25.06.22 ANNOUNCEMENT - The deadline for export permit approval of all recently submitted parts kit orders (2-3 weeks ago or earlier) is set for the 2nd July latest. All orders placed a week ago and those which will be placed in the next 14 days will not be charged for , until a permit is issued - most likely in the middle / end of July. (Average time is currenly set for 2-3 weeks from the date you place your order)
AK-12 Parts Kit

A genuine Russian AK-12 parts kit gives you freedom to build your own AK-12 on the basis of already owned AK, without a headache of importing virtually "unimportable" from Russia TR-3 rifles!

1. What you get – a full set of non-component parts stripped off the rifle

2. What you don't get – potentially viable parts including receiver, barrel, bolt, bolt carrier and trigger group

3. What type of weapon all parts are stripped off – INERT “factory-deactivated” AK-12 MMG replica of assault rifle also known in Europe as MODEL GUN (MMG – Maket Masso Gabaritniy). INERT MMG replicas do not fit any of the descriptions in Chapter 93 (Firearms and Airguns) and therefore are given a tariff classification number of Chapter 95 (9503 0081 90). A precedent was recently recorded in Germany

4. Each Parts Kit comes with an MMG replica certificate with serial number to be presented to Customs authorities in your country if needed, but ultimately it is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that they comply with local licensing requirements!

5. THIS PRODUCT CAN BE SHIPPED TO U.S.A. AS WELL AS TO ANY EUROPEAN COUNTRY (shipped from our registered business partner in Europe). AK-12 parts kits cannot be shipped to and sold in the United Kingdom due to some differences in law between the UK and the EU which arose after Brexit

6. ETA is set for 4 to 6 weeks and includes the issue of individual export permit and shipping by EMS / USPS)

Price: £1,860-00 Price Appx $1,900 if paid by bank transfer
Price: £1,980-00 Price Appx $1,900 + $130 (7% card processing charges)

Updated on 20.05.22 Due to the latest global political and economical situation, we were forced to introduce new pricing, payment and delivery policies for certain goods



Please note - all firearms accessories are sold in the UK and abroad on the understanding that they are for personal use and will not be (re-)exported without the pre-requisite authorisation. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that they comply with relevant local licensing requirements

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