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9x18 inert Makarov ammunition and magazines

Authentic 9x18 single stack PM59 Makarov 8-R and double-stack PMM / IZH-79 10 or 12-R magazine clips, which are also ideal fit for Baikal bb pistols - single stack for GEN-5 and double stack for GEN-1/2/3/4. 9x18 inert military surplus ammunition are deactivated on order. Quality Deactivation (!) - intact RED primer (oil-filled W/ steel ball bearing inside)

Price: £69-00 10-12 round / appx $70
Price: £35-00 Magazine / 8-R / appx $37
Price: £2-00 9x18 Mak round
7.62x25 inert TT pistol / PPSh ammunition

7.62x25 original Tokarev pistol / PPSh-41 submachine gun ammo

Price: £2-00


5.45mm AK-74 speed loader

2-piece speed-loading set for AK-74 5.45mm magazines: loading ramp (Y-clip) and rail. Load capacity - 15 rounds

Price: £2-20 Loading rail
Price: £4-50 Y-clip
Price: £12-50 Y-clip + 4 loading rails
5.45x39 AK-74 inert ammunition

15 inert rounds for AK-74 with 2-pc speed loader. This 5.45mm round is known as a "poison" round due to its bullet's ability to tumble in soft tissue to inflict maximum damage. This occurs due to bullet's dispropotional weight distribution. Quality Deactivation (!) - intact primer ( oil-filled W/ steel ball bearing inside)

Price: £35-00 15 rounds W/ speed loader
Price: £2-00 1 round
7.62x39 inert AK-47 ammuntion

Original AK-47 / AKM training rounds (dark green steel lacquer W/ 8g boat-tailed bullet or inert (deactivated) grey steel W/ 7g bullet and intact primer (oil-filled W/ steel ball bearing inside) - Quality Deactivation (!)

Price: £1-80 Training round
Price: £2-00 Inert round
7.62x54R inert ammo

Original SVD / Mossin Nagant / PKM inert copperwashed brass rounds. Marked 188/77 and 188/78, these are very rare specialist sniper ammunition designed in 1966 to increase the accuracy of SVD rifle. Also known as 7N1 variant, it comprises a boat-tailed bullet 152gr (9.8g) with steel and lead core. Made by "Factory 188" in Novosibirsk, Russia. Quality Deactivation (!) - intact primer (oil-filled W/ steel ball bearing inside)

Price: £2-50 SVD Sniper round / 188/77 Sniper
Price: £79-00 PKM belt with 25 188/77 rounds
Price: £155-00 PKM belt with 50 188/77 rounds
Price: £295-00 PKM belt with 100 188/77 rounds
Price: £1100-00 PKM "Monster" belt with 400 188/77 rounds
30x165 inert 2A42 / 2A72 ammuntion

Original Russian Inert / training rounds in new condition for 30mm auto cannon designed in the Soviet Union in the 70s and best known for its use on BMP, BTR and BMPT-72 (Terminator) combat vehicles (2A42 cannon) as well as for 2A72 auto cannon istalled on iconic BRT-82A

Price: £29-00 1 training round
Price: £485-00 18 training round sealed in a TIN
Quality Deactivation (!) - intact primer (oil-filled W/ steel ball bearing inside) = WARNING - DO NOT separate bullet from the case ! Primers have been disabled by nitric and phosphoric acid mix prior to be filled with gun oil. Traces of corrosive acid may be present in gun oil in small proportion!

EU / Europe INERT AMMO can be shipped safely by Euro Road to any European country for just £18. All parcels are trackable via internet. Minimum order - £30

Non-EU countries (Eg: USA / Canada) We can NOT ship INERST AMMO outside Europe!

Please note - all firearms accessories are sold in the UK and abroad on the understanding that they are for personal use and will not be (re-)exported without the pre-requisite authorisation. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that they comply with relevant local licensing requirements

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PKM 100-r belt with inert rounds is available for Film/TV rental