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Makarov magazine

Authentic 9x18 single stack Makarov 8-r and double-stack IZH-79 10-r magazine clips and 9x18 inert ammunition

Price: £35-00 IZH-79 Mag / SOLD OUT>
Price: £24-00 Magazine / 8-r
Price: £2-00 9x18 Mak round
7.62x25mm inert TT pistol / PPSh ammo

7.62x25 original Tokarev pistol / PPSh-41 submachine gun ammo

Price: £2-00


5.45mm AK-74 Loading kit

2-piece speed-loading kit for AK 5.45mm ammo magazines. Load capacity - 15 rounds

Price: £2-20 Loading rail
Price: £4-50 Y-clip
Price: £12-50 Y-Clip + 4 loading rails
5.45x39 inert AK-74 ammo

15 inert rounds for AK-74 with 2-pc speed loading set. This 5.45mm round is known as a "poison" round due to its bullet's ability to tumble in soft tissue to inflict maximum damage. This occurs due to bullet's dispropotional weight distribution

Price: £35-00 15pcs
or £2-00 each  
7.62x39 inert AK ammo

Original AK-47 inert / training round / dark green lacquer

Price: £2-00


7.62x54R inert ammo

Original SVD / Mossin Nagant / PKM inert green steel or copperwashed rounds: ball, heavy ball (yellow tip 182 grain lead), tracer (green tip). Plus a very rare sniper rounds, marked 188/77 and 188/78. This specialist ammunition was designed in 1966 to increase the accuracy of SVD rifle. Also known as 7N1 variant, it comprises a boat-tailed bullet 152gr (9.8g) with steel and lead core. Made by "Factory 188" in Novosibirsk, Russia

Price: £2-50 SVD Sniper round / 188/77 Sniper
Price: £650-00 PKM belt with 200 188/77 rounds
Price: £2-50 182g round / Yellow Tip <SOLD OUT>
Price: £3-50* Tracer round / Green Tip*<SOLD OUT>
* Tracer bullets are REAL ! so do not put in a vice and attack with a blow torch in the back of your garage, while your kids are watching over your shoulder..

Please note - all firearms accessories are sold in the UK and abroad on the understanding that they are for personal use and will not be (re-)exported without the pre-requisite authorisation. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that they comply with relevant local licensing requirements

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PKM 200-r belt with inert rounds is available for Film/TV rental