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AKM Type 2 bayonet

Authentic Soviet AKM bayonets (brown bakelite), East German or Serbian (black polymer) and Polish. Slightly used, but in good condition. Blade hardness: 50.5-52 HRC. Perfect fit for AKM, AK-74 & AK100 series rifles

Price: £00-00 Soviet IZZY / SOLD OUT>
Price: £00-00 Type 2 / BLACK / SOLD OUT>
Price: £64-00 Type 2 / POLISH

Expeditionary Machete (SARO)

Black corrosion-resistant metal wholebody (carbon steel 65G) with reinforced Codura 1000 sheath. It comes either with walnut or black cord 14mm thick handle. 3 years warranty / Read on .. what the papers say

Survival Knife
Overall length
Blade length
Weight, kg
Blade thickness
Price: £00-00



Oleg, What a surprise to have my knife delivered so soon. I ordered it on  a Saturday and received it the next Saturday. The knife is everything I expected and MORE! Came with the factory letter of authenticity. I would not hesitate to order from you again or recommend you to someone else.Thank you,Wayne Nehrt U.S.A.

Cheers Oleg - knife arrived today. Amazing. As always. If i dont speak to you before, have a good Xmas and New Year. (E-mail from Preston, UK)

HARDNESS ROCKWELL SCALE TEST (conducted by Mr Jerry Bayly, knives' expert, researcher & collector)

__AK-47 / AKM 'Orange' bayonet
50.5 - 52 HRC
__AK-74 bayonet
52.5 - 53.5 HRC
__Saro Expeditionary machete
54 - 56 HRC
__Army Survival Knife; main blade
55 - 56 HRC
__Haropon blade
55 - 56 HRC
__Saw blade
56 - 57 HRC
UK MARKET We can ship edged weapons to all customers in the UK aged 18 or over (NO LICENSE REQUIRED !). Please e-mail a proof of age - a picture of valid UK driving license or passport

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