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DE-ACTIVATED 30mm AGS-17 "Plamya" automatic grenade launcher
Soviet era 30mm AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher including tripod, scope, drum magazine with belt. Excellent condition - all moving parts / field-strippable !! De-act Certificate issued by London Proof House. Unique and very rare - available for Film/ TV hire only ! AGS-17 is an infantry support weapon designed to operate from a tripod. It fires 30mm VOG grenades in either direct or indirect fire to provide suppressive and lethal fire support against soft skinned or fortified targets. The weapon uses a blowback mechanism to sustain operation. Rounds are fired through a removable rifled barrel.
The standard metal ammunition box contains 30 linked rounds. The tripod is equipped with fine levelling gear for indirect fire trajectories. Disigned by KPB Tula in 1967, AGS-17 (Avtomaticheskiy Granatomyot Stankovyi - Automatic Grenade launcher, Mounted) was widely used and by Soviet troops in Afghanistan in the 80s as a ground support weapon or as a vehicle weapon on improvised mounts installed on armored personnel carriers and trucks

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