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RPG-7 grenade launcher
DE-ACTIVATED 40mm RPG-7 anti-tank grenade launcher
Soviet era 40mm RPG-7 anti-tank grenade launcher (Ручной Противотанковый Гранатомёт / Ruchnoi Protivotankovy Granatomet) is a smoth-bore, re-usable, recoiless, hand-held, unguided launcher. designed in 1958 and currently produced by Bazalt Factory in Russia. It is the most popular armour-piecing weapon officially used in 40 countries. It utilises the HEAT PG-7 grenade (Protivo-tankovaya Granata) to penetrate the armour of upto 260mm /10inches thick or 1.5 meters /5ft of brick wall with a single shot.
PG-7 grenades are loaded from the front, while the rear of the tube / barrel is fitted with Venturi nozzle. Due to its recoilless design, it creates a dangerous back blast zone for over 20 meters /60ft behind. Once a grenade reaches safe distance from the shooter (about 10 meters), the built-in rocket booster engine ignites and further accelerates the grenade and increases the effective range of 500+ meters. Since RPG-7 was and still is manufactured in nine countries (such as Bulgaria, China, Iraq and Romania), a few modifications have been made in both launcher and grenades. RPG-7 is a simple and inexpensive weapon, yet it represents a “real & present” threat to most modern tanks Currently available for Film/ TV rental only !

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