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D-2MV PRO Night Vision Goggles

These goggles are the most popular night vision binoculars/head set combination also known in the UK as COBRA Storm Pro. They are ultra compact, ergonomically styled Gen 1 binocular goggles with a rugged, partially rubberised all-metal bodyshell. The ‘wide view' eyepieces are internally focusing so they do not affect eye relief when focused. Please note that because of this units very wide exit pupil diameter, no interpupillary adjustment is required. The two 26mm f1.4 lenses offer 1.0x magnification with a wide 40° field of view. A short-range infrared illuminator is built-in and powered by the scopes batteries. This has recently been updated to include a zoom facility offering wide area to spot beam. Recognised by helicopter pilots as best NV goggles of 1st GEN for night time landing ! If detached from the headset, they can be used as NV binoculars;, 12 months warranty

Detection range
1x (3.6x)
Weight, kg (inc headset)
0.52 (0.82)
Powered by
2 x LR1 batts
IR built-in
PRICE (goggles)
PRICE (binoculars only W/ 2.5x lens) @ £679-00
PRICE (3.6x lens / 2pcs) @ £269-00

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