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Saiga 20 chokes

Saiga's choke tubes designed to increase accuracy of Saiga 20 shotguns

Price: £19-00 Half choke / M(0.5)
Price: £24-00 Full choke / M(1.0)
Saiga .410 chokes

Saiga's choke tubes designed to increase accuracy of Saiga 410 shotguns

Price: £12-00 Half choke / SOLD OUT>
Price: £15-00 Full choke / M (1.0) No 3
RPG-7 Bipod

Authentic Soviet heavy duty bipod with a strong steel body was designed in the USSR in 1961 by GSKB-47 (Bazalt) specifically for RPG-7 grenade launcher in order to increase accuracy by upto 70% when fired from trenches and roof tops. It folds backwards around the trigger grip. Click to view detailed images: image1 / image2 / image3 / image4

Price: £129-00 Appx $140
PKM Stepanov tripod & mount

Unissued (NEW!) PKM tripods (originally introduced in 1969) are supplied from old Army stocks and dated 1979. Designed by Leonid Stepanov and made entirely from stamped steel parts, the structure weighs only 4.5 kg and can be easily folded & carried by one man / CLICK to buy PKM ammo box

Price: £430-00 NEW / Appx $500
PKM belt loading machine

NEW! - storage condition (in factory_grease) or used Russian-made (Mashinka Rakova) 7.62x54R PKM belt loading_machine comes in wooden box. This BOX also acts as a base for the loader to be attached via 2 rails on top. It can also be mounted on any table surface

Price: £349-00 NEW / Appx $400
RPK Bipod

Authentic Soviet RPK bipod will also fit any 15mm AK/Saiga rifle's barrel as well as Saiga-410 shotgun. But fitting requires the removal of the front sight or cutting the bipod's barrel ring

Price: £95-00 Appx $105
S-101 Telescopic Bipod (for SVD/Tigr)

Authentic Russian heavy duty S-101 bipod with a strong steel body was specifically designed for Dragunov-type rifles (SVD, SVDS, Tigr). It comes with quick-release clamps mountable onto the receiver via the grooves on each side. The height of bipod can be adjusted via 4-stage telescopic pods from 17cm (7") to 24cm (9.5")

Price: £189-00 S-101 / Appx $215
S-1 Telescopic Bipod (Sniper-1)

Our S-1 bipods are authentic Izhmash-made, factory re-conditioned bipods (all old springs were replaced with new ones), specially designed for Dragunov sniper rifles (Russian: С-1 / Снайпер-1). The height is adjustable from 17cm (7") to 23cm (9") with extendable spikes to penetrate soft surfaces. Weight - 650g / IMAGE 2 / Installation instructions / Bipod folded / The BIG picture

Price: £599-00 Appx $675
AK side rail mount

Authentic military Izhmash-made kit (side rail & three rivets) or a quick-fit kit (siderail and two bolts) can be installed onto all AKs, AK Yunker air rifles, SVD, Saiga M3 & Marui Airsoft AK/SVD. Both siderails can take all Russian-made sniping sights, Army issue NV sights & lasers. The latest quick-fit version also comes with groove in the middle for mil spec locking clamp

Price: £29-00 mil spec <SOLD OUT>
Price: £59-00 quick-fit
AK-47 / AKM cleaning rod

Original Soviet AK-47 (AKM) cleaning rods come from Soviet ZIP stocks (398mm length)

Price: £19-00 AK-47 / AKM
PKM 1500m rear sight plate

NEW Russian / Soviet 1500m rear sight plate for PKM GPMG - new condition with either white or red markings

Price: £34-00 White / appx $37
Price: £35-00 Red / appx $38
SVD 1200m rear sight

NEW Russian / Soviet 1200m SVD rear (iron) sight plate. New condition with either white or red markings

Price: £39-00 White / appx $43
Price: £42-00 Red / $46
AK 1000m rear sight plate

NEW Russian-made rear sight plates for AK / AKM is ideal to replace the AK-type Saiga's 350m ones. Subdued markings for older AKM or brighter white for modern AKs

Price: £22-00 Subdued markings > / appx $24
Price: £23-00 White markings / appx $25


I'm going to have a good collection for my SVD. Thx to your help. Prodiz C-101 bipod, S1 bipod and others things - I now have this gorgeous BEAST see attachment :) (E-mail from Jean-Hugues, France / 03.2020)

Dear Sirs, I placed an order for the AKM wooden furniture (3-piece) set on I believe Monday 01 Nov 04. I received the items on Monday 08 Nov 04. The handguards and pistol grip look great! Thanks very much for the very fast shipping as well. This is my first purchase from your company and I am very impressed with the product and service I received. Thank you again. (D. R. Dallas, TX, USA)

I received my stock and handguards yesterday, Thank You very much for your prompt service. I fitted the set onto one of my rifles last night and I am very pleased with the fit and functionality. I look forward to being a regular customer in the future... Thanks again, John S. /E-mail from the USA/

Please note - all firearms accessories are sold in the UK and abroad on the understanding that they are for personal use and will not be (re-)exported without the pre-requisite authorisation. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that they comply with relevant local licensing requirements

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