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AK-74 polymer furniture

AK-74 and AK-74M 4-pcs polymer furniture sets in Black includes butt stock, handguards and pistol grip (Izhmash). Lower black HG has NO alloy insertion (heat shield)

Price: £00-00 4-pcs fixed stock set / BLACK (Appx $150)
Price: £96-00 4-pcs FOLDING set / BLACK (Appx $105)
Price: £22-00 2-pcs (HGs - no heat shield) / PLUM
AK tactical furniture sets

Heat-resistant strengthened polymer M16-type TRAX collapsible buttstocks are equipped with 200mm wide recoil rubber pad. These butts are intended to slide onto alluminium buffer tube (6-point length position). Tubes are available for both AKM / AK74 / AK-100 series with stamped receivers as well as AK-47 with milled receiver

Price: £58-00 (Black TRAX butt stock)
Price: £79-00 (Buffer tube for stamped receiver)
Price: £74-00 (Buffer tube for milled receiver)
AK47/AKM/AK74/Saiga M3/MK tactical handguards

Heat-resistant strengthened polymer handguards have Picatinny (20mm Weaver) rail on top and underneath, plus two short rails on each side of lower handguard to take laser sight or flashlight

Price: £29-00 Upper handguard (black)
Price: £42-00 Lower handguard (black)
Price: £64-00 BOTH (black)
AK tactical pistol grips

Hollow AK tactical pistol grips are light weight and come in Tan or Black polymer. Hardware is included

Price: £00-00 TAN true colour / SOLD OUT>
Price: £00-00 BLACK / SOLD OUT>
Price: £39-00 BLACK / Interchangable
AK universal magwell

Heat resistant and super strong polymer magwell allows fast magazine change. Easy to install - no special skills required. Weight - 24g only. It can accommodate both AK47 and AK74 magazines

Price: £27-00  
Cheek pad for skeleton buttstocks

This universal cheek pad would fit any type of frame (skeleton) or underfolding buttstocks in order to line up shooters' eye comfortably when telescopic or red dot sights are used. Highly recommended for use with AKMS underfolders and AK-74 sidefolders. The height is adjustable by 4 cm

Price: £69-00  
AK-74M folding buttstock

Black polymer buttstock manufactured by Izhmash. Normally fitted on AK-74M, all AK-100 series rifles and some Saiga shotguns. It can be easily replaced with 'skeleton' folding stock (see below)

Price: £00-00 <SOLD OUT>
Price: £28-00 buttstock (5.5mm hinge / used cond.)
AKS-74 folding buttstock

Steel 'frame' (skeleton) butt stocks manufactured by Izhmash. Normally fitted on AK-74M, AKS-74, AK-103 or Saiga MK & M3. It can be easily replaced with synthetic folding butt stock (see above) - both type of hinge width is 5.5mm

Price: £69-00 buttstock only (5.5mm hinge) / Izhmash
Price: £00-00 butt W/ installed AKS recoil pad SOLD
AKS recoil pad for skeleton buttstock

Russian-made AKS recoil pad comprises a soft metal plate to allow the shape of the pad to change. This permanently attached pad allows the skeleton buttstock to be folded without removing the pad (bolts & nuts are not included)

Price: £27-00 <SOLD OUT>
Makarov pistol grips

Authentic Makarov brown (bakelite) pistol grip with Star logo and black & brown rubber grips

Price: £18-00 Bakelite
Price: £19-00 Black rubber <SOLD OUT>
Price: £19-00 Brown rubber <SOLD OUT>


I received my RPK stock set yesterday, it is perfect! Thank you very much again for the prompt correspondence and shipment, I look forward to doing business with you in the future. 
All the best, Chris
Just wanted to let you know the package has been received.  Thanks you very much.  The wood furniture looks great and I am sure it will look great on my Saiga 12 (Jack F. / U.S.A.)

I have safely received the beautiful AKM Handguard last Saturday. How fast you are! I can't believe it. I understand why my American Friends don't stop to advise you as the best source for AK wood furniture. Thank you very much. I will soon order some more material to you, since I was extremely satisfied. Very Best Regards, Jonathan M. (France) Oleg, I have received my order of 2 soviet AKM 3 piece stock sets today and was able to finally put the final finishing touches on the weapons I was restoring for a museum. The quality of your stocks is unmatched to any other and I thank you for having such great products. I look foward to doing business with you in the future. (Trinity Trading Company International, "Specializing in Soviet Weaponry", P.O. Box 582, Great Falls, VA 22066-0582, United States of America)

Dear Sirs, I placed an order for the AKM wooden furniture (3-piece) set on I believe Monday 01 Nov 04. I received the items on Monday 08 Nov 04. The handguards and pistol grip look great! Thanks very much for the very fast shipping as well. This is my first purchase from your company and I am very impressed with the product and service I received. Thank you again. (D. R. Dallas, TX, USA)

I received my stock and handguards yesterday, Thank You very much for your prompt service. I fitted the set onto one of my rifles last night and I am very pleased with the fit and functionality. I look forward to being a regular customer in the future... Thanks again, John S. /E-mail from the USA/

Please note - all firearms accessories are sold in the UK and abroad on the understanding that they are for personal use and will not be (re-)exported without the pre-requisite authorisation. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that they comply with relevant local licensing requirements

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