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PKP "Pecheneg" airsoft machine gun

The LCT PKP airsoft GPMG is a replica of the Russian-made 7.62x54R PKP “Pecheneg” ( P ulemyot K alashnikova P ekhotny (Infantry Machine Gun) "Pecheneg" / Russian: ??????? ) general purpose machine gun, which is an improved version of PKM with non-removable, force-air-cooled barrel with radial cooling ribs and a handle which eliminates the haze effect from hot gases and keeps the barrel cooler. LCT airsoft version is built from all steel stamped parts to imitate all the features of the real thing, including telescopic sight mount rail (which can be flipped to the side to allow to lift a dust cover) and bipod which is deployed by releasing the clasp holding the legs together, and half squeezing the legs together to fold them into the open position. The right pod also contains a 3-piece cleaning rod tackled into its stamped body. The flash hider can be removed to reveal a 14mm CCW thread once the grub screw has been removed from the flash hider in order to be replaced with a silencer. The dust cover flips up to reveal the loading tray and CNC aluminium HOP unit. We offer a FREE 20-R PKM belt filled with 12 inert 7.62x54R original Russian Factory 188 rounds, which fits perfectly on top of the loading tray to give your GPMG a VERY REALISTIC look !

Calibre, mm
6 mm
Magazine capacity
5,000 BBs
Barrel thread
14mm CCW
CNC aluminium HOP-UP
Weight, Kg
Adjustable iron sights
7.4v LiPo
25000 RPM
PKM tripod/ £1,320

Conditions of purchase in the UK (MAIL ORDER): UKARA defence rules apply

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