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Buy from us with confidence ! BEWARE of cheap imports of old "1st generation" (2011-2013) rifles from the US - some of them may not feed properly causing regular jams

.22LR MK22 COMMANDO assault rifle

This brand new, made in Austria, CQB R.I.S. rifle is a .22 rimfire version of 7.62mm FN SCAR assault rifle (Special Combat Assault Rifle). It comes in two basic colours: all-black and Tan/Desert with 10-r or 22-r magazine and 3-stage fixed collapsible butt stock (folding mechanism is disabled in order to comply with UK minimum legal overall length). The charging handle can be attached to each side of the receiver to make it comfortable for both right and left handed shooters (new patent-pending UCAS System - Universal Cocking Adaptation System). The upper is a solid all-metal construstion while the lower is a heat-resistant high-grade polymer. Recommended optional accessories include specially selected and imported by us CQB scopes: Paragon1.2-6x24 and the "best-value-for-money" PILAD Red Dot sight. We are the official importers - trade enquiries are welcome!
FIRST TEST in the UK: double-tapping and mag dump at 15 metres in standing position / 100 rounds of Eley Contact subsonic ammo - NOT a single jam ! with CQB Paragon scope

< Click to view ISSC MK-22 in action © RusMilitary (10.07.19)

Calibre, mm
.22 LR
Rifle grooves
Magazine capacity, rds
10 / 22
Weight, kg (with empty mag)
Length overall / barrel, mm
765 / 300
Fire action
semi-auto blow back
Effective range, m


IN STOCK >> WAS £559 - NOW £499!
22-r spare polymer magazine / £36
All our MK-22 rifles come with 12 months warranty and in the unlikely event of action parts failure, we always carry some spare parts including the whole bolt assembly. Also beware of cheap imports of old "1st generation" (2011-2013) rifles from the US - some of them may not feed properly causing regular jams >
Condition of purchase in the UK (MAIL ORDER) Section 1 FAC. Please post photocopies of front page & Variations page (with .22RF on it), plus contact details of your nearest RFD. Purchase in person & viewings are strictly by appointment. Please note, if we are not completely satisfied with your ID credentials as a UK-registered FAC holder, you may be asked to proof your ID via Code10 verification system

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