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7.62mm AKM assault rifle (straight pull WS-1.63)

Brand new Romanian WS-1.63 rifles are civilian versions of Kalashnikov AKM assault rifle (AKM - Avtomat Kalashnikova Modernizirovany - Modernised Kalashnikov Automatic). The original version features light coloured birch laminated handguards & buttstock, polymer pistol grip and authentic AKM muzzle brake. We also offer a 'Soviet' upgrade (see above) which includes AKM / AK74 laminated buttstock, handguards and bakelite (or laminated) pistol grip to give it an authentic look of Soviet AKM rifle.. The third option is the ALL-BLACK AKM with original Izhmash-made black polymer furniture. In accordance with the UK law requirements, this rifle was manufactured as a straight-pull (single-shot) rifle. Our package includes: one magazine, cleaning accessories kit, cleaning rod and nylon sling. Recommended optional accessories include authentic AKM canvas sling, dropcase, POSP telescopic sights (AKM comes with siderail already installed), BP-02 Picatinny scope mounts (to allow installation of your own scope), 3-mag tactical pouchs, spare magazines (inc steel 10-r, 20-r, 30-r, 40-r & 75-r drum), AK/GP recoil pads and authentic military PBS-1 silencers. ALL AKMS rifles can operate with normal AK magazines (Saiga magazines will NOT fit!). Best (tighter) fit are AK47 steel and bakelite orange magazines. Also note - all our AKMs had their chambers polished to provide a smoother ejection
Calibre, mm
7.62 x 39
Muzzle velocity (m/s) / Twist
715 ( 10")
Sighting range, m
Magazine capacity, rds
Weight, kg (w/o loaded mag)
Length overall / barrel, mm
900 / 425

PRICE Soviet version inc AKM muzzle brake (compensator), laminated buttstock, hanguards & bakelite pistol grip. Plus 1 (30-r) steel OR 1 (30-r) bakelite magazine (See original image above & below)

PRICE Soviet version inc AKM muzzle brake (compensator), slightly used laminated buttstock, hanguards & bakelite pistol grip. Plus 1 (30-r) steel OR 1 (30-r) bakelite magazine (See original image above & below)
PRICE All-black version with original Izhmash polymer furniture inc buttstock, hanguards & pistol grip. Plus 1 steel (30-r) OR 1 (10-r) magazine. (See original image 1 & 2 and below)
PRICE Romanian factory version inc AKM muzzle brake (compensator), light birch laminated buttstock & hanguards and black polymer pistol grip. Plus 1 AK47 steel 10-r or 30-r magazine. Also included: green nylon sling and cleaning kit
IN STOCK >> from end of April / 70% deposits taken
PRICE All-black or TAN tactical polymer furniture from TDI (CAA) plus 1 AK47 steel (30-r) OR 1 (10-r) magazine
PRICE All-black tactical polymer furniture - a mix of Magpul and FAB Defence including: Zhukov-S folding collapsible butt stock, HGs, pistol grip and polymer magazine. Plus 1 extra AK47 steel (30-r) OR 1 (10-r) magazine (DTK Saiga MK muzzle brake is NOT included) - see images below
AK47 / AKM 10-r steel magazine / NEW / £22
AK47 / AKM 20-r steel magazine / NEW / £26
AK47 / AKM 30-r steel magazine / NEW / £24
AK47 / AKM 30-r bakelite magazine / £43
24x1.5 Saiga MK muzzle brake + 14mm LH adaptor / £67
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I received the AKM off R.T. last night. I am more than extremely pleased with it. If you could see the grin on my face, you would know what I mean....!!! I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Again Oleg, many, many thanks. Stay safe and best wishes. Mark (E-mail from Wales, May'14)

Morning Oleg, thank you for getting the AKM out to me on Monday. I got down to the range yesterday and have to say how very impressed I am with it, it shot superbly straight from the box with no sight adjustment whatoever!... Also it was a nice surprise to have the Izhmash bakelite mag with it. I have attached a pic of a target from yesterday, which shows 70 rounds at 50m, without touching the sights at all.Once again im very impressed and look forward to placing my next order, cheers, Rich :)

Condition of purchase in the UK (MAIL ORDER): Section 1 FAC. Please post photocopies of front page & Variations page (with 7.62x39 or 7.62mm or .308/7.62mm on it), plus contact details of your nearest RFD. Purchase in person & viewings are strictly by appointment. Please note all our cetre-fire rifles are SINGLE-SHOT / NOT semi-automatic and all the shotguns ARE semi-automatic with fixed buttstock & minimum barrel length of 24" (61cm)

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