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.22LR AK-47 assault rifle (Beryl M22)

Brand new Polish-made Beryl-M22 rifles are semi-automatic civilian versions of Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle (MOD. 96 Beryl) produced by Fabryka Broni "LUCZNIK" ("ARCHER" arms factory). These quality-built AKs comprise the best tactical add-on AK accessories you can think of - Picatinny rails, RIS HGs, M4-type collapsible butt stock, tritium-lit irons etc, accompanied by one 20-r magazine. Please note, the Beryl-M22 is based on a real AK platform - NOT made-in-asia 22LR airsoft quality product ! BERYL is a REAL AK ! Slightly over-engineered, it is too good for .22 rim fire calibre, having no plastic or alloy working parts. Its open bolt resembles the real AK bolt and imitates the principle upon which all centre fire AKs function (see image below). Collapsable telescopic butt stock with rubber recoil pad, removable Picatinny rail above the dust cover and enlarged magazine release lever make it almost too comforable to handle. We have not tested it yet in extreme conditions, but it would probably even work under water. Beryl has a proper 5.56mm chromed military quality barrel (!). Recommended optional accessories include full length AK dropcase, specially selected and imported by us CQB scopes: Apophis1-6x28 and the "best-value-for-money" PILAD Red Dot sight. Plus also consider the installation of AK polymer magwell which allows an easier and quicker M4-style magazine fitting. CLICK to strip the gun and see Beryl with installed Pilad sight: IMAGE1 / IMAGE2

< Beryl-22 in action © RusMilitary (01.01.19)

< Beryl-22 in action © RusMilitary (18.10.20)

Calibre, mm
.22 LR
Muzzle velocity (m/s)
Effective range (m/yd)
400 / 440
Magazine capacity, rds
Weight, kg (w/o loaded mag)
Length overall / barrel, mm
980 / 457
Fire action
semi-auto blow back
Number of lands in bore
PRICE* (factory tactical version as on picture above + one 20-r mag)
* EX-WORKS price excludes shipping / clearance costs, which will be added on arrival as the latest Brexit trading conditions with EU make it difficult to predict the final cost of delivery
20-r spare polymer magazine / £39
1/2x28 UNEF steel silencer adaptor / £65
1/2x20 UNF steel silencer adaptor / £65
NEW in design improvement: alloy bolt alignment plug is after-market part to help to improve spent case extraction and ejection. Made on order and pressed-in in our workshop. We also polish the extractor groove (AKA extractor relief slotting) to improve its grip on a cartridge rim. 7 days turnaround. Price: £39 (FREE with all new rifles purchased in 2021). We also recommend to clean the chamber regularly with rough metal brush of .22 caliber, as this simple procedure may solve all your extraction problems


New videos on FB: Jungle Run 1 and Jungle Run 2 courtesy of Darren Lewis

Hello Oleg, I was most pleasantly surprised to receive a zeroing tool from you! Thank you very much. I attach photos from the 25m 'test'. I still trying to adapt to the iron sights. The first photo of lower round target is 6 rounds using a '6 o'clock' point of aim. Group size (centre-to-centre) is 1cm.The second photo on the larger target is 10 rounds. The two flyers are down to me not picking up the front post correctly. Accuracy exceeds all expectations and the gun is fantastic for 'practical' shooting at unknown distances between 25-80m with the iron sights. Kind regards, Greg / 03.02.19


Hi Oleg I just thought you might like to know the Beryl ran very well last night 150 rounds of Eley Contact no problem at all. Using Vortex Spark red dot. Regards / SMS from David / 08.05.19

Hi! I hope that helps



You are welcome to use them. They are not public, but avaliable for anyone who has the link. I'll change setting to public later on. I specified in description that they come from you. Regards, Jake / E-mail on 18.08.19

Condition of purchase in the UK (MAIL ORDER) Section 1 FAC. Please e-mail PDF copies of front page and Variations page (with .22RF on it), plus contact details of your nearest RFD. Purchase in person & viewings are strictly by appointment. Please note, if we are not completely satisfied with your ID credentials as a UK-registered FAC holder, you may be asked to proof your ID via Code10 verification system

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