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All customers (FAC holders) are welcome to come and collect in person. In case you wish to purchase your gun from your local gun dealer (gun shop) please contact your dealer directly to arrange a firearm transaction. Pls note a dealer's transaction fee may apply

Notice to fireams dealers: due to the current economical situation and Izhmash's chronic delay in supply, conditions for the supply of most firearms to dealers have changed (!).. As of 2013 our stock of firearms is only big enough for our own needs and the needs of our retail customers. All dealers are advised to place orders in advance as delivery from Russia is now taking 3 months. We may have some guns readily available for traders from time to time.. so please contact us for more details: : / 07970 541757

CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR TRADERS from November'15: 7.62x54R SVD and 12-bore Vepr-12

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