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ACE UTRA SL5i and SL6i sound moderators

The ASE Utra SL5i is a small, light weight and highly effective sound suppressor designed for centrefire rifles. Manufactured in Finland by Ase Utra OY, SL5i suppressors are manufactured from stainless steel and they significantly reduce recoil and muzzle flash. SL6i is designed for heavy-duty hunting rifles. SL6i sound suppressors are available to the larger hunting calibres from up to .375. Blasted stainless finish or CeraKote. Ace Utra mods are ideal for both AKMS and Zasstava M05 rifles
Calibre, mm
8 / 9.3
Weight, g
345 / 390
Dimentions, mm / SL5i
118 x 44.5
Dimentions, mm / SL6i
141 x 44.5
Noise Reduction
22 to 30 dB
AK47 14mm LH
7.62mm PBS-1 Sound Suppresor (AK-47 / AKM / AKMS / Zastava)
Authentic Soviet military PBS-1 suppressors (15 pieces only, used but in good condition) with 14mm LH thread designed specifically for AK47 (AKM) assault rifles. They are a perfect fit for Section 1 AKM and AKMS rifles or older AK-47s. They also bear their individual military serial number and proof marks. For sale to Section 1 license holders as well as military training personel, government security services, museums etc (subject to licensing regs). Orders from abroad are welcome, but are strictly subject to Export Control - so NO timewasters please!). Pls note military version comes with rubber disc designed for subsonic ammunition ONLY! The modified PBS-1 version has two extra spacers which allow the use of conventional super-sonic ammunition (the original subsonic ammo disc was removed)

< PBS-1 in action © RusMilitary (18.10.20)

Thread, mm
14mm LH
Calibre, mm
upto 12mm
Overall dimentions, mm
Weight, kg
PRICE: military full-auto version for factory subsonic ammo use ONLY!
PRICE: modified for use with both subsonic and conventional super-sonic ammunition
IN STOCK > Modified PBS-1 version
10 (ten) 7.62x39 subsonic rounds / hand-loaded with slow burning gun powder (Collection in person only - NO shipping)

Conditions of purchase in the UK (MAIL ORDER) Section 1 FAC. Please e-mail PDF copies of front page & Variations page (with S/Moderator on it), plus contact details of your nearest RFD. Purchase in person & viewings are strictly by appointment

THE LAW: In Great Britain, detachable suppressors or "sound moderators" which are intended for use as accessories for Section 1 or Section 5 (prohibited) weapons are subject to Section 1 licensing controls and cannot be purchased directly by mail order. We can only deliver them to your nearset registered firearms dealer, but before that, purchasers are required to obtain prior authorization on a Firearm Certificate in order to possess, purchase or acquire a 7.62 firearm suppressor. Before granting such authorization, the chief officer of police must be satisfied that the applicant has a good reason to possess, purchase or acquire a suppressor. For full-bore rifles, the most obvious "good reason" is that, where reasonably practicable, the use of a suppressor is required by law, namely Regulation 7 of the Noise at Work Regulations, 1989. Details of this and other relevant workplace safety regulations are available on the Health and Safety Executive website. Strictly, the above regulations only apply to employers, employees and self-employed persons at work, although this would include most full and part-time stalkers, gamekeepers or pest controllers. However, for obvious reasons, most chief officers of police will be keen not to impede responsible sporting shooters who wish to comply as far as practicable with HSE workplace safety standards. Other "good reasons" might include reduction of recoil (approx. 30%) and reduction of environmental noise pollution. In the unlikely event of any difficulty obtaining authorization to purchase a suppressor, we suggest that applicants should contact the BASC or other shooting association for advice and assistance.

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