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THE FORGE: Hidden Dimension of Core Conditioning DVD (NEW !!!)

Combat and core conditioning are subjects of many studies, numerous programs and some hyped up "revolutionary" methods "The Forge" DVD by Sonny Puzikas examines in detail the core attributes needed for applications in combat / fighting realm and then offers unique and efficient ways to start developing those attributes. This DVD will make significant difference in the way combat core conditioning is approached by beginners and seasoned fighters/ action professionals/ athletes alike. This DVD will be followed by additional volumes addressing different topics in the realm of conditioning

Price: £23-95  <SOLD OUT>


There is no need to advertise the AK assault rifle handling skills of living legend Sonny Puzikas, a former Soviet special forces officer, Sonny has really taken it BEYOND the imaginable. Two things have to be mentioned though 1st - if you purchased one of our AKs - you MUST have this DVD even if you have to call it an early X-mas present paid for by your other half.. 2nd - this DVD is FREE with any firearm purchased on our premises (subject to availability). We recommend it to all private security firms (we can ship to BFPO addresses) as well as anyone professionally involved in the daily use of & training with Kalashnikov-type rifles

Price: £23-95  <SOLD OUT>
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