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.22LR Armi Jager Mod A.P. 74 semi-auto rifle / USED

USED, but in good condition collectable .22LR rimfire Mod A.P. 74 rifle from Italian manufacturer Armi Jager comes with 2 magazines. It is a very good replica of Armalite M16 rifle used in Vietnam war. Image below is of the actual gun in our stock. We can also de-activate it on order

Price: £395-00  

.22LR Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 semi-auto rifle / USED

USED, but in very good condition .22LR rimfire rifle in black with CAMO upper, stock and silencer comes with 16.5" barrel. 2 magazines are included in the price. Detachable silencer requires a seperate entry on your FAC. Light weight makes it easy to control. No flip-ups. Detachable angled foregrip by FAB and carry handle are optional

Price: £445-00  
Condition of purchase in the UK (MAIL ORDER) Section 1 FAC. Please e-mail PDF copies of front page & Variations page, plus contact details of your nearest RFD. Purchase in person & viewings are strictly by appointment. If we are not completely satisfied with your ID credentials as a UK-registered FAC holder, you may be asked to proof your ID via Code10 verification system

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