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"SPHERE LYNX-T " anti-riot helmet

LYNX -T is a lighter anti-riot version of the titanium-made bulletproof "Sphere" helmet, used by OMON. This helmet is built from multi-layer fibreglass with detachable 2mm thick steel visor with ballistic plastic glass sighting window. Built-in radio headset is the original SHG-7 K113 set, supplied by OKB "Octava". Probably the best option for airsoft players and.. well, riot and anti-riot enthusiasts

Price: £520-00 Lynx W/ visor
Price: £589-00 Lynx W/ visor & radio

SSSh-94"SPHERA-S" helmet

SSSh-94 is a newer version of STSh-81, which has been widely used by Russian troops and special forces in Chechnya & other 'hot spots'. It is designed to protect no less then 10dm2 of the total head area from all sorts of explosion fragments as well as 7.62mm Tokarev and 5.45mm PSM bullets and 6.35 & 5.6mm pistol bullets (Russian protection level - 2) . Sphera's three titanium ''sliding plates" allow the size adjustment from 56 (S) to upto 60 (L). These 3mm-thick plates are accomodated by special 'pockets' on each side of the head and the one which covers area from forehead and all way back to the upper neck. In order to reduce dynamic impact, the helmet has soft dampers on inside
Operating temperature
-40'C / +40'C
Area of protection, dm2
Weight, kg
Russian Protection Level, class
Special Order ONLY ! Prices exclude delivery & tax charges. Export to any country requires End User Certificate & EC3 in PDF (EC3 in Word)

MASKA-1Sch steel bulletproof helmet

MASKA is a well-known bullet-proof helmet made for and used by Russian Special forces including MVD's SOBR & OMON police units. This brand new steel helmet is designed to provide protection from 7,62mm TT / 9mm Makarov / 5.45mm PSM as well as other pistol & submachine gun rounds. The helmet reduces the dynamic impact caused by the bullet due to its soft dampers on inside. Maska is equipped with a removable 2mm thick steel or double-skinned bulletproof glass visor. Due to its weight, MASKA helmet is NOT designed for long periods of use, but rather for short periods of combat. Sizes adjustable from 56 (S) to 60 (L)
Operating temperature
-25'C / +40'C
Area of protection, dm2
Weight, kg
(Available for rent to Film/TV only)
Copyright: the official Russian Special Forces' monthly magazine


M-60 Soviet Army steel helmet

M-60 helmet has the original Soviet brown fake leather 4-pad lining and black ink stamping reading: ZKO-85 on inside. Thickness of steel 1.2mm; weight 1.35kg. New codition - direct supply from Soviet warehouse. (Available for rent to Film/TV only)


Hi, I have received my helmets today and I'd like to thank you for the excellent quality, the items are simply fantastic , they're totally new, and I found no scratches on them, i really appreciate your service and wish that there would be something i need and can purchase from you again (E-mail from Taiwan, 25.11.05)

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