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Tank Crew trousers

TANK CREW BDU (jacket & trousers)

Heavy-weight 100% cotton, padded, comfortable & collectable, Tank Crew suit designed for autumn and spring wear. It comes complete with a hood, tank-driver's face mask and light-weight gloves. One of hand-warming pockets contains pouch for Makarov pistol spare clip plus Makarov pocket-holster on left chest. White ink Army issue stamping available on the inner lining. Colour: black. Sizes available: 48-50/176 (M) & 52/182 (L). Winter bdu (jacket & trousers) with fur collar and detachable second lining is available in size 46/170 (S) only (w/o gloves & mask) CLICK to veiw picture (on the right)

Price: £79-00 size 50/176 (4)
Price: £79-00 size 52/182 (5)
Price: £79-00 size 54/176 (4)

Winter Jacket & Dungarees designed for tank technical personnel (mechanics). The padded jacket has waterproof hood hidden 'under the collar' pocket on the back, hand-warming pockets, metal zip & Velcros flap, 100% cotton. Dungarees are padded, front hip general purpose cargo pockets with press-studs, knee patches, hand-warming pockets, buttons at the bottom of trousers to adjust the width. Elastics on shoulders to adjust braces, three buttons on front flap, 100% cotton. CLICK to veiw picture of the jacket (on the left). Sizes available: 46/3; 48/5; 50/5 (dungarees); 48/3; 48/4); 52/3; 50/4 (jackets)

Price: £39-00 jacket
Price: £35-00 dungarees
Price: £69-00 both


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