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From 2009 RusMilitary has no longer been trading in Ural motorcycles.. With all your inquiries regarding these bikes, please contact:


Welcome to ! We are delighted to introduce you to these unique Russian-made Ural motorbikes. Initially built to be used in extreme outdoor and off-road conditions with features such as 2-wheel drive, reverse gear and a sidecar (Sportsman), Ural motorbikes have proved themselves reliable over the most hostile terrain. It is not for nothing, that they are named after the rugged Ural Mountains, where 2-wheel drive bikes are the only suitable means of transport (apart from horses and helicopters!). Since the Russian/American privatization of the Uralmoto Zavod, a new generation of Urals has been launched. The engine and mechanics of the new Ural meet all the exacting standards of today's machinery while its exterior design is still in the same "retro" style of the 50's. Popular with outdoor sports lovers, farmers and military vehicle fans alike, Ural motorbikes are now imported by 12 countries in Europe, North America, Africa and Middle East


What the papers say ?

What bike ?

- 'The quality of Ural's bikes has come a long way in recent years and they are in danger of having endured almost unchanged for so long they'll soon become modern classics'.......'The never-ending quest for speed does not appeal to all riders. Urals are built to traditional engineering designs - there is now an honest alternative for the genuine motorcycle enthusiast who has time to enjoy the ride.'

Motorcycle News

- 'Off-road is where this machine comes into its own. It glides over ruts, stones & deep mud like a tank. It was actually hard to fight back a grin and not feel like Steve McQueen as I crested over hills effortlessly'

Used Bike Guide

- 'Although you can't strip the entire bike by the roadside with a hammer and sickle, it is delightfully DIY friendly compared with a water-cooled V4' ...... 'A twisty road on a Ural is at least as thrilling as a Ducati 996' ..... 'Whilst sidecaring definitely builds both character and muscles, it's not as difficult as some people claim'

Combat & Survival - 'Considerably smaller than most of its 4x4 equivalents, the motorcycle and sidecar has a very low profile, and its tight turning circle makes it ideal for use in both urban and close countryside environments'
The Times - 'The Motor might produce only 36HP but it's got enough low-down power to pull a tank out of a ditch' ..... 'The prices are indeed cheap, starting from £2,700 for a basic model. You can pay more for a scooter'

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