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Upto 500 helmets available in Olive Green size M-L for immediate despatch! at our very best trade price! + communication and hearing protection headsets coming soon!

FAST Bullet Proof Helmets

FAST (Future Assault Shell Technology) ballistic helmet is a high performance, multi-layer, light weight combat helmet with protection level NIJ IIIA (9mm & .44). Its distinctive features include increased area of coverage over the ears and upper neck and Suspension Dial Retention System with Fixed side rails for mounting accessories (night vision goggles, camra, flash light etc). Made from Kevlar, it is light weight, shock absorbent and fire-retardant. Colours available are: military green, black, Navy blue, Khaki, Desert Tan and most camouflage partterns on order. V50 for a standard helmet is 650 m/s, while enhanced version offers 700 m/s
as above + removable 22mm thick FLIP-UP bulletproof visor made from laminated multi-layer bulletproof glass (PC+PU+PMMA / V50 - 790 M/S) with minimal optical distortion and 3 locking positions
Weight, kg
M-L (57-59cm)
L-XL (59-62cm)

PASGT Enhanced Proof Helmets

PASGT Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops is a replica of classic US Army combat helmet, designed in the mid-1970s as a replacement for the M1 helmet. It provides a solid head and ear protection from 9mm and .44 cal rounds and all sorts of shrapnell. Made from Kevlar multi-layer material. V50 value - 700 m/s. Colour availlabe on order - military green, black, Navy blue and Khaki
Weight, kg
M (57-58)
L (60-61)
XL (62-63)

MASKA-1Sch steel bulletproof helmet

MASKA is a well-known steel bullet-proof helmet made for and used by Russian Special forces including MVD's SOBR & OMON police units in the 90s and 2000. It is designed to provide protection from 7,62mm TT / 9mm Makarov / 5.45mm PSM as well as other pistol & submachine gun rounds. The helmet reduces the dynamic impact caused by the bullet due to its soft dampers inside. Maska is equipped with a removable 2mm thick steel or double-skinned bulletproof glass visor. Due to its weight (3.4kg), MASKA is not designed for long periods of use, but rather for short combat operations. Sizes adjustable from 56 (S) to 60 (L). Currently availabe for Film / TV hire - NOT for sale !


Conditions of purchase in the UK (MAIL ORDER): NO LISENCE REQUIRED ! Customers are welcome to buy ONLINE or come and collect by appointment. Please specify size and colour when ordering

EU / Europe HELMETS can be shipped safely to any EU member state for just £25 after a 20% VAT TAX reduction. All parcels are insured and trackable via internet. We can also offer discounts on bulk purchase and supply in big quantities (upto 5000 pieces) with a minimum notice of 2 - 4 weeks !

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