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INERT RPG-22 / RPG-26 airsoft conversion kit

Made in Russia by NPO AEG, RPG-22 / RPG-26 conversion unit allows inert (fired) disposable launcher to fire TAG grenades at upto 70m distance. The unit is 60% steel construction (weight 0.9kg), which accomodates the TAG cartridge (gas shell launcher). Effectively it is a launcher inside a launcher. Its unique engineering allows the deployment of the original combat trigger without any major modifications to that trigger (!) Conversion manuals are supplied, but conversion process requires "above average" DIY skills and tools (Dremel). Please note, we offer a conversion unit ONLY ! (TAG grenades set and inert RPG-22 launcher are NOT included !). We can install this unit for you into your own inert launcher - subject to additional fee. Click to view images: Image1 / Image2
Calibre, mm
Type of gas shell
Maximum Co2 pressure, Psi
Powered by
Co2 / Green Gas
Fire action
Single shot
Effective firing range, m
IN STOCK >> Conversion Unit
Cost of installation / £35-00
Warning: RPG-22 is designed for responsible users only ! It should never be aimed or fired at people at close distance. Minimum safe distance between a shooter and a target is 20 metres. ALWAYS wear protective glasses !
< Click to view AEG RPG-22 in action (REAPER 2.5 sec Delay Fuse Explosive Grenade) © RusMilitary (26.08.18)
< Click to view AEG RPG-22 in action (ARCHANGEL MK2 Impact Activated Explosive Grenade) © RusMilitary (01.01.19)

Conditions of purchase in the UK (MAIL ORDER): NO LISENCE REQUIRED ! RPG-22 conversion kit can be purchased by any registered memeber of airsoft team

EU / Europe NO restrictions on orders from abroad. RPG-22 conversion kit can be shipped safely to any country for JUST £25. All parcels are insured and trackable via internet

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