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MiniUZI semi-automatic Co2 Air Pistol
Yet another excellent airgun from Swiss Arms with a true blow-back action (realistic recoil). This Co2-powered semi-automatic 4.5mm SMG (6mm is full-auto) has a steel receiver with plastic furniture and metal folding buttstock. Magazine accommodates both: BB ammunition and Co2 bulb. Two-position safety switch: Fire / Safety (6mm Full / Semi / Safety) plus a second pressure safety button on the back of the pistol grip which allows a shot to be fired only when a shooter is holding the gun firmly in his hand. Loops for attaching a sling. Adjustable 2-position rear sight and easy folding / unfolding buttstock
Calibre, mm / inch
4.5 (.177)
Muzzle velocity, Fps / m/s
345 / 105
Weight, kg
Fire action
Magazine capacity, BBs
Energy, Joule
PRICE (177 semi-auto)
177 (4.5mm) Spare mag /£39
PRICE (6mm full-auto)

Conditions of purchase in the UK (MAIL ORDER): NO LISENCE REQUIRED !.. but in accordance with Violent Crime Reduction Act (Section 33: Age limits for purchase etc of air weapons), from October 2007 customers are required to prove their age when purchasing this product in person (18 years of age or over !). The transaction of an airgun is to be conducted face-to-face or through your nearest airgun or firearms shop/ retailor. A document confirming your age will be required on collection of an airgun. The above law does not apply to customers overseas. To find your nearest Air Gun retailor search or come and collect by appointment from our storage in Wokingham (just 35min drive from West London or 45 min by train from Waterloo by Reading service). Mail order sale of airgun silencers, replacement barrels and BB ammunition to over 18 ONLY! You MUST confirm your age by e-mail or in writing

EU / Europe airguns can be shipped safely to any EU member country for just of £25. All parcels are insured and trackable via internet

USA / Canada / Norway / Switzerland / Non-EU markets we DO NOT ship air guns to non-EU countries

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